Meta Quest 2: how to take full advantage of your VR headset?

Getting into VR can be a confusing experience, so here are some tips to improve your experience with a Meta Quest 2.

Formerly called Oculus Quest 2the autonomous VR headset from Facebook now bears the sweet name of Meta Quest 2 from the rebranding of Mark Zuckerberg’s group. However, it’s not just his name that has changed. Since its release on October 13, 2020, the second version of the autonomous helmet has come a long way and has been entitled to a wave of updates and accessories making its use even more pleasant.

Thus, the Meta Quest 2 has since established itself as the best alternative to discover VR at a lower cost, without neglecting the quality of the experience. However, getting started in the world of VR remains a big step to take, and it is sometimes hard to find your way around. If you were hesitant to take the plunge into virtual reality or if your experience with your Meta Quest 2 seems incomplete at the moment, here is some information and advice about this device that may well change your mind.

Oculus Link and Air Link

We had to start this file with these features, because they are probably the two most important to change your experience with your standalone headset. If you didn’t know, these two features allow you to connect your VR headset to a computer so that you can launch programs and other VR games exclusively available on PC.

Although the Meta Quest’s built-in store is already well-stocked, the headset hardware is rather limited, and not all experiences may be available directly in your headset. So Oculus lets you connect to your PC to take full advantage of experiences like Half Life: Alyx.

To do this, you have two options: connect your headphones to your computer via a USB-C to USB 3.0 cable or by using the Oculus Air Link wireless connection. For each of these options, you will need to install the Oculus application on your computer, and the rest is a breeze.

The helmet strap

For a good virtual reality experience, your headset must fit properly on your head. Unfortunately, the base strap that came with your Meta Quest when purchased is not very reliable and tends to let the helmet waltz on your forehead.

To remedy this, it is strongly recommended to invest in another strap, whether it is the elite strap offered by Meta at a price of €49.99, or another model sold by secondary brands.

That way, no more worries during your frenzied games of Beat Saberyour helmet will stay securely in place as you slice through blocks in time with your lightsabers.

Gaming at 120 Hz

The standalone headset has had its share of important updates, but the most interesting is the one that now allows you to activate a better refresh rate in certain games and applications.

Where the frame rate was previously limited to 90 frames per secondyou can now enjoy even more impressive fluidity with 120 frames per second (in compatible applications). To do this, do not hesitate to go to the settings of your Meta Quest to activate this feature.

Side Quest

If you ever don’t have a gaming computer allowing you to take full advantage of the Oculus experience on PC, but you still want to access another library of applications and games, know that another option is offer to you.

It is Side Questa secondary shop that will allow you toinstall new programs in your standalone headset, and even mod some apps from the official store. Many experiences are free, others are paid, but they all allow you to increase the potential of your headset tenfold.

In particular, you can include custom music in your game Beat Saberor even download a VR version of Doom 3 to knock out the virtual demon without having to plug in your headphones.

For this you just need to download their app on your computer, and connect your headphones to it to install the applications and mods of your choice.

A versatile helmet

There are a few more niceties to this standalone headset that we haven’t covered but that you can experience once it’s placed over your eyes. We think in particular of the safety option to see through your helmet thanks to the front cameras to avoid bumping into you or knocking something over. Everything has been thought out for a quality nomadic experience.

The Meta Quest 2 is undeniably the VR headset allowing the most versatility in the experiences and features it offers, at an entry-level price. Priced at €349.99 in its 128 giga version and €449.99 in its 256 giga version, it will give you all the cards in hand to launch you peacefully into this new adventure.

Oculus Quest 2 256 GB at the best price Base price: €449

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Meta Quest 2: how to take full advantage of your VR headset?

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