Meta Quest 2: Amazon offers the VR headset at a maddening (and unprecedented) price

The Meta Quest 2 is the first virtual reality headset for the general public and premium. This is the first time that he has benefited from a discount for Black Friday, not only financial but also with two games as a gift.

The Meta Quest 2 headset, formerly known as the Oculus Quest, is a very popular virtual reality accessory. To understand its rise, you have to go back to the basics, namely that the company Oculus was developing these devices before being acquired by Facebook. In the meantime, the latter has changed its entity in favor of the name Meta, which explains why the new model is called the Meta Quest 2 helmet.

Over the years, VR devices have become more and more capable and they have gained popularity among the general public. The Meta Quest 2 helmet therefore remains the essential reference in the sector, because the object multiplies the technical qualities. In addition, he benefits from a discount on Amazon for Black-Friday which lowers its price.

As part of this special operation, the Meta Quest 2 headset in 128 GB version is displayed at 399 euros instead of 449 euros. That’s not all, because the same Meta Quest 2 headset with 256 GB of storage also collapses to 489 euros instead of 549 euros. Whether you take one or the other, each model comes with two games offered on Amazon, these are the titles Resident Evil 4 and Beat Saber.

Meta Quest 2 helmets are at a low price on Amazon, it’s over here:

I take advantage of the 128 GB headset

I take advantage of the 256 GB headset

The Meta Quest 2 headset is available while supplies last on Amazon. As much to specify right away that the number of units available is slim during Black Friday, which means that the ruptures are already approaching fast. Since the launch of the offer, the model has sold massively to all those who were waiting for the slightest reduction to pass the course of virtual reality. If you also want to test this new universe with the best device available on the market, now is the time to secure this flash offer. In addition, the merchant highlights exclusive advantages.

How does the Meta Quest 2 headset work?

With the Meta Quest 2 helmet, you enter a new universe, that of virtual reality. To discover all the games of your choice with this ultra lively and immersive experience, just put the VR headset on your head. This consists of an LCD screen accompanied by a refresh rate of 120 Hz. This frequency allows a fluid and latency-free display of all the content you want.

On the other hand, it should be added that the Meta Quest 2 helmet has been designed to be pleasant even when you wear it for a few hours in a row. For this, it has a light weight of 503 grams and several straps to best adjust it to the shape of your head. You can also adjust the inter-pupillary distance to better see what is happening in your favorite game. In addition to the device, there are two joysticks that give you the ability to move around in the VR universe. It is therefore sufficient to use them to walk or to interact, the operation is as intuitive as that of a game console controller.

With the Meta Quest 2 helmet, several options are available to you. On the one hand, you can use it for simple viewing purposes, accessing YouTube from the device, for example. Otherwise, the best experience is still that of video games. This may relate to the titles offered when ordering this model on Amazon or other bestsellers chosen on the app store. From then on, you become the main character of the quest you are pursuing and you experience the sensations live.

I take advantage of the 128 GB headset

In terms of its operation, we note that the Meta Quest 2 helmet connects to WiFi to work. It’s wireless, so you have better freedom of movement than with older generations. It is recharged with a USB-C cable supplied with the order.

What benefits are included with Amazon?

Black Friday is a golden opportunity for anyone preparing for Christmas, Amazon understands that. In recent years, more and more people have taken advantage of the mini prices pushed by the event. With this in mind, the merchant postpones his withdrawal period to January 31, 2023. He is the only one to do this, no other site of his ilk does the same nor his French counterparts.

With this change, Amazon is providing security for anyone shopping online during Black Friday. And for good reason, returns are completely free until this date, where the refund is full on the product. Therefore, you don’t risk ending up with items you didn’t like in January and you don’t need to bother reselling them at the beginning of the year. With the merchant, the return procedure is very simple and without justification.

Amazon stands out with another advantage that it is also the only one to display. For the first time, it highlights the best price guarantee. As its name suggests, it therefore undertakes to offer the lowest price on its references during Black Friday. And if this is not the case, you only have to send him the competing offer so that he reimburses the difference without asking for his rest. In the end, you are therefore a winner in ordering from him, whether for the Meta Quest 2 helmet or the other items that are propelled by flash sales at the merchant.

Of course, the delivery of the Meta Quest 2 headset is free and shipping is done within a few days with Amazon. So you have everything to do business and take advantage of the best prices, a double advantage that takes place once a year: during Black Friday. Don’t miss this offer, you won’t find better anywhere else by the end of the year.

Meta Quest 2 helmets benefit from a price drop at Amazon, it’s here:

I take advantage of the 128 GB headset

I take advantage of the 256 GB headset

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Meta Quest 2: Amazon offers the VR headset at a maddening (and unprecedented) price

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