Lufthansa and the NMY studio train cabin crew using virtual reality

Learn and qualify with virtual reality

More than 200 leading airlines benefit from the implementation of digital and self-organized trainings, all created by the NMY studio. Nicolas Ribeyre and Laurent Giraldon tell us all about these two new real training centers in virtual environments. The NMY studio announced this year the official certification of its virtual aviation training program by the German Federal Office of Aviation (Luftfahrt-Bundesamt, LBA).

Lufthansa remains a pioneer in the aviation industry

Lufthansa uses NMY’s Virtual Aviation Training software to train 20,000 flight attendants per year. This program is one of the first virtual reality trainings in all of Europe

virtual reality safety training

Inspection of virtual reality training by the German air training validation body: the LBA. is a very long step. The NMY studio supported its client Lufthansa Aviation Training throughout the training software certification process. Lufthansa Aviation Training now has the support of the LBA for the training and qualification of flight attendants in virtual reality. Virtual reality modules are a mandatory part of the training which allows training to deliver safety procedures before take-off.

Long-term resource efficiency

Automation is a buzzword in Industry 4.0. It reduces costs and streamlines processes. Lufthansa Aviation Training has seized the opportunity and now benefits from automated processes and the possibility of qualifying trainees in the virtual reality app. There is no need for trainers to be physically present or for real aircraft to be grounded – virtual aviation training saves Lufthansa millions of euros each year.

A (virtual) look into the future

The aviation sector has gone through a difficult period during the Corona pandemic. We look forward to his return. The further development of our VR training software and the implementation of new teaching formats are topics that will keep us busy in 2022 and beyond.

A safe bet

LAT reduces training costs by millions in the first year of operation. This is how ROI works with mixed reality technologies.

main Features

In a realistic virtual environment, participants perform tasks that are specifically tailored to the cabin crew training plan.

An intelligent infrastructure

The IT infrastructure is designed for smooth training in 18 virtual reality cabins spread over two locations in Germany.

Remote trainer cockpit

Up to nine participants can be guided, moderated and coached via a control center using multiple video screens and a live chat platform.

Gesture detection

Users act intuitively with natural hand gestures in the virtual training room – without restriction of movement by controllers and cables.

VIA Virtual Assistant

The VIA virtual assistant supports the trainees in their tasks and provides them with motivation and an emotional anchor throughout the training.

3D modeling

For this purpose, the aircraft was scanned in a complex process and translated into a 3D model. This base can be used for any adaptation

More information : NMY Project | Lufthansa Group | Virtual Aviation Training on Vimeo (link to the video: be careful, it’s a Vimeo link and not YouTube, the video is not available on YouTube)

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Lufthansa and the NMY studio train cabin crew using virtual reality

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