Job interview in the metaverse: Carrefour’s latest find

They no longer know what to invent to appear innovative. The latest discovery is a job interview in the “metaverse” offered by Carrefour. The CEO of the Alexandre Bompard group boasts this Thursday, May 19 on Twitter of having invited data scientists and data analysts to a virtual space to carry out his recruitment. ” Have a job interview facing the sea in Paris “, he summarizes. His message is accompanied by a short video where we observe his avatar, posted behind a desk, announcing to about thirty other characters the opening of this new generation recruitment.

But concretely, what is the point of such an event? The virtual reality universe offered by Carrefour is quite ugly and boils down to a concrete complex on the edge of a beach. The interaction is limited to the simple discussion, and to the fact of strolling in the buildings with the effigy of the distributor. But when the job interview comes, Alexandre Bompard receives the candidate alone, as for any interview, and asks him the usual questions. Does the pixelated terrace on which it welcomes each aspirant really deserve to put on a virtual reality helmet?

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This remote meeting could very well have been limited to a videoconference interview – which at least allows the recruiter to see the candidate’s face, his expressions and still have a somewhat human contact with his interlocutor. And if it’s the recruitment to the facies that worries, nothing prevents to do the interview without a camera…

The Ball of Bad Ideas

Performing an interview in the metaverse also implies having a virtual reality headset necessary to join it. The price of this gadget can quickly rise to 100 euros for an entry-level model. And since the candidates certainly did not buy the helmet just for this job interview, they probably had to go to Carrefour premises, perhaps to headquarters. All this for a remote meeting…

As many ideas found by recruiters, this interview does not revolutionize the exercise. It only adds superfluous artifice. Before the metaverse, the escape game – a puzzle game where you have to escape from a room – had its period of popularity in job interviews in order to assess the “soft skills” of applicants. . However, these pre-recruitment phases do not replace the CV and the interview with the recruiter. By the way, will the refusal for unsuccessful candidates be sent by email or notified in 3D in the metaverse?

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Job interview in the metaverse: Carrefour’s latest find

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