It’s ultra-sensational! A management school manages to create a metaverse!

Fairly early in the year, Metaverse mentioned the existence of a academy of the metaverse but at the moment the project is pretty quiet. However, a management school offers an ultra-sensational concept called “Red Alert! and it promises to be interesting and unique. Here are the details on this educational metaverse, specific to the Excelia school.

The immersive learning experience becomes concrete

With the arrival of the metaverses, the whole world imagined that only the universe of video games deserves an immersive experience, until “Red Alert! from Excelia arrives. This metaverse allows students to learn how to deal with difficult situations and to begin with, students will face a client drowning and they will have to manage everything from A to Z in the metaverse. For the moment, this exercise is reserved for 3rd year students of the Bachelor Tourism & Hospitality Management and it is the course “Standards and certifications in the hotel industry” which requires immersion in the metaverse.

The face-to-face courses will be supplemented by the presence on the metaverse

At Excelia, face-to-face courses are already quite complete, but the fact of using a metaverse makes things even more interesting. Indeed, with this newly set up metaverse, Excelia wishes to offer its students everything they will never experience during their internships. With this metaverse, students will be able to appreciate the seriousness of an incident and act accordingly. They will also be able to apply the coordination steps of a “Code Red” procedure set up by the QHSE. Finally, “Red Alert!” will also help to manage the life of the hotel after the crisis.

Learning at Excelia gains in quality

The establishment of the “Red Alert!” places Excelia in a new category when it comes to higher education. Indeed, scientific studies show that a simulation helps students to really assimilate all their knowledge since virtual reality plays on the emotional lever. Because of this, it helps to develop skills that cannot be developed otherwise. Virtual reality therefore has an undeniable advantage with regard to the pedagogical sequencing of lessons since the quality of learning is increased.

ILE ® by Excelia: what is it?

ILE® or Immersive Learning Experience® is a rigorous quality benchmark created by Excelia. Thanks to him, Excelia students will be truly prepared for the world of work. In addition, ILE® focuses on pedagogy, experiential and technology and this repository is currently a registered trademark with INPI by Excelia. This innovative educational tool was the work of studies by teachers, technicians from the Edtech 5Discovery start-up and certain educational researchers. Of course, you must have all the web3 equipment to fully navigate the “Red Alert!” »

This is a great first in France and not in the world since in Japan, there is already a university who took this big step. It is possible that the metaverse is the future of higher education.


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It’s ultra-sensational! A management school manages to create a metaverse!

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