In pictures: he films in the heart of the New Year’s fireworks with his drones

Fireworks of December 31, 2022 broadcast on France 2 was filmed by the company Freeway Drone from Castelbriantais Michael Gisselere. ©Freeway Drone

Installed since 2021 in Châteaubriant, the dronist Michael Gisselere makes many impressive videos with its drones. His latest project? The fireworks broadcast on France 2 on December 31 2022 for the transition to the new Year.

registered in advance, the emblematic event of New Year’s Eve was filmed on December 6, 7 and 8, 2022. The festive evening, hosted by Stéphane Bern, takes place this year at Fontainebleau castle (Seine-et-Marne), and will see many artistslike Jenifer, Enrico Macias, Kendji Girac, Dave, Claudio Capéo, Louise Attaque, or Camélia Jordana.

Viewers can enjoy the fireworks to an original soundtrack created by DJ duo Ofenbachthrough images filmed by Michael Gisselere’s drone cameras.

Fly a drone amidst explosive rockets

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“At the time of the fires, we had four teams filming, including one with an FVP drone, which was filming in the middle of the fireworks,” explains Michael. The drone in question is a small device, the peculiarities of which are that it can reach 200 km/hand that it is piloted in first person view, with a virtual reality headset.

Fireworks Freeway Drone Michael Gisselere
The FVP drone is piloted with a virtual reality headset. ©Freeway Drone

It’s been two years since Michael Gisselere and his company Freeway Drone, which he created with his partner Christelle Bozzer, have been carrying out shots immersed in fireworks. “The first time we filmed shots like that, at Versailles, it was a bit of a test, we didn’t know how dangerous it was“. But the flight goes off without a hitch,” the pictures are great», and the production is delighted.

Fireworks Freeway Drone Michael Gisselere
Several drones were used to film the event. ©Freeway Drone

For this year, the company’s pilots were able to work with the pyrotechnician to find out about and study with 3D images the different paintings that were going to be fired – 13 in total. “We also know the different altitudes, which allows us to anticipate “, explains the specialist. One of the paintings could have been designed by the artificer especially for filming with the drone.

It’s quite difficult, it’s dark and we have no visual cues. We fly a little by feeling. We don’t have a flight path, it’s so random and fast.

Michael Gisselere

Filming the reconstruction of Notre-Dame de Paris

Michael, he was not piloting directly the drone that zigzagged between the fireworks, but coordinated the teams. The other employees also filmed the fireworks, from outside this time and with three different camera axes .

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Fireworks Freeway Drone Michael Gisselere
The drone flies in the heart of the fireworks. ©Screenshot / Freeway Drone

The filming, carried out over three days outdoors, did not not been easysince Freeway Drone employees had to deal with very low temperatures . “We had no technical problems. The filming was very nice, but quite difficult”, concedes the drone operator despite everything. ” We stay standing motionless in the coldfor long periods. Some people on the team have been ill.

Fireworks Freeway Drone Michael Gisselere
Michale Gisselere’s teams are also working on the production of a documentary on the reconstruction of Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris. ©Freeway Drone

Despite this little cold spell, Michael’s teams were then able to turn to another project, and resume the monitoring of the reconstruction site of Notre-Dame de Paris cathedralas part of aspecial documentarywhich will eventually be broadcast on France 2.

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In pictures: he films in the heart of the New Year’s fireworks with his drones

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