In Château-Gontier, the hospital wants to recruit but struggles to find candidates

In December 2022, the Haut-Anjou hospital center in Château-Gontier (Mayenne) was forced to reduce the number of beds to allow nursing staff to take vacations (archives). (©Haut Anjou)

As in most hospitals, the situation is complicated at the hospital of Chateau-Gontier (Mayenne). After resisting during the covid years, some caregivers have had enough and quit.

In January 2023the management is looking to recruit but struggling to find candidates.

During the Christmas holidays, the management, as is the case in other hospitals, decided to close beds to allow staff to take time off. This situation is also explained by several work stoppages and cases of Covid and flu among the staff. There are also caregiver lines that are not being replaced because people have left.

Christine Guilletsecretary of the Force Ouvrière union at the Hospital Center

Christelle Guillet warns about the impact that this change may have had on caregivers.

“Fifteen days before Christmas, the management decided to close part of the convalescence. And there is no deadline. Caregivers find themselves reinforcing the teams of Ehpad Saint-Joseph and Marronniers. It is often badly experienced. They should have done more consultation with the teams. »

With his colleague Patricia Meignannurse anesthetist, member of the office of Force Ouvrière, Christelle Guillet also calls into question the “policies of budgetary restrictions” put in place by governments for several years.

A difficult choice

Asked about this situation, Romain GirardDirector of Human Resources and Medical Affairs, do not deny the difficulties.

There are two options to deal with the situation. Either we are able to recruit to compensate for absences and departures, or we are not able to recruit, which is the case today because there are not enough applications. There, we have more departures than arrivals. This is the case everywhere in France. The only way we have to prevent professionals from finding themselves in difficulty and to avoid putting patients at risk is to reduce our offer by reducing the number of beds.

Romain GirardDirector of human resources of the hospital center

Romain Girard is aware of the vicious circle that this situation can generate: the risk being that the teams lose motivation and change jobs.

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“The risk is that we shrink and that we fail to initiate a positive approach. And that’s why we want to highlight projects like the virtual reality cube to show that we are dynamic, that we have lots of ideas. »

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In Château-Gontier, the hospital wants to recruit but struggles to find candidates

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