How Virtual Reality Helps Diagnose Vision Health Accurately

A new feat made in France. Thanks to virtual reality, the company Eyesoft has developed a system capable of detecting eye disorders with precision. Something to revolutionize the choice of lenses for glasses in order to offer a truly tailor-made pair, but also to anticipate more serious illnesses.

Headphones virtual reality screwed onto the skull, an optician’s client travels through an unprecedented 3D experience by strolling through a 360° journey. If the walk may seem innocuous, the experience is quite serious and in less than 4 minutes and 30 seconds, it will make it possible to detect precisely and preventively the appearance of oculomotor disorders.

Because double vision, eye tremors or amputation of the visual field are not to be taken lightly, while a slight strabismus for example can have consequences on the manufacture of a progressive lens in order to offer a better visual comfort. Here is, in short, the program delivered by the French company Eyesoft, founded in 2017 by two orthoptists, Audrey Persillon and Thomas Didier, convinced by the contribution of 3D in this sector.

If we knew virtual reality very useful in the medical environment, the contributions of this technology now radiate all professional sectors related to health. And the work carried out by Eyesoft demonstrates it. Without replacing the expertise of ophthalmologists or orthoptists on patients, the proposed experience comes in addition to provide greater precision.

“The real revolution brought about by virtual reality was the use of eye tracking [NDR : des capteurs pour suivre les mouvements des yeux et déterminer où le regard se porte]. Thanks to 3D and this technology, we project information to the nearest millimeter, we can then have objective data. For example, we know how to determine if a strabismus causes an imbalance at 8.5 cm and not 10 cm away as we could judge approximately before, ”explains Audrey Persillon for CNEWS. The tool can even be used as part of rehabilitation, and already more than 20,000 patients have followed this program.

National work around prevention

If Eyesoft equips eye specialists with its system called EMAA Pro, for a few weeks now opticians have also been able to use it under the name EMAA check, solely for prevention. “There are only 6,000 orthoptists in France, while opticians are present in almost all cities in France, so they have a valuable role to play. Especially since everyone ends up going there in their life, ”argues Audrey Persillon. The idea being to develop local prevention. A valuable network, at a time when several months of waiting are sometimes necessary to obtain an appointment with a health professional.

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At the same time, this Bordeaux start-up has entered into a partnership with the Krys network. The idea here is to offer a similar experience, but which aims to collect data in order to adapt the geometry of progressive lenses. Indeed, many patients complain of their visual discomfort, due to a pair of glasses that are sometimes unsuitable.

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How Virtual Reality Helps Diagnose Vision Health Accurately

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