How to make money with Lego?

There are millions of ways to make money and one of them is to do it with Lego. The question is how to achieve this and how significant the gains are.

Most children love to play with Legos to develop their creative minds. But it’s not just about children’s toys. A large number of Internet users have exploited this type of hobby to earn money with interest. Find out how.

The resale of Lego

The idea of ​​resale is based on the fact that the Lego company puts an end to the production of a game, which, in some cases, increases the demand for the latter. Its value can increase significantly depending on the popularity of the withdrawn game.

Reselling this Lego may seem simple at first glance, but there are different methods, different aspects and different elements to take into account. Here are some examples.

Know what to sell

To earn money, it is not enough to buy any Lego set or piece. You have to do research to know the current launches and prices of some Lego sets. Indeed, some sets cost much more than others and their price continues to climb over time. This is the case, for example, of the Millennium Falcon, Lego Market Street and the Imperial Star Destroyer. These sets can then be purchased for a lower or reasonable price and then resold for a larger sum.

Resale of unopened boxes

New or unopened sets sell for a very high price. Lego collectors pay dearly for a mint condition set. In fact, it is better buy them while they are still in stock. This way it is possible to get them at a cheaper price and earn more money when reselling.

Buy parts in bulk to rearrange them into a complete set

Another way to make money with Lego is tobuy incomplete game pieces and rearrange them. It is possible to rearrange them by color or, by chance, find the missing pieces to organize a complete game. Full sets make a lot more money than wholesale. But it depends on buying skills, luck, effort and time.

It is possible to find many buyers on e-commerce sites. Although unopened lots sell for more than used or rearranged lots, they offer a excellent return on investment for the time and effort spent on the rearrangement.

Sell ​​figures separately

Another way to make extra money would be to sell the figurines separately. Their value would be higher if they were sold that way. However, the lead time and sale price depend on the figure’s popularity. Characters from series like Star Wars, Harry Potter, Avengers and others can fetch a good price.

Lego Ideas

Enthusiasts who enjoy building Lego are welcome to the Lego ideas website. They can submit new designs and ideas for new Lego games and get paid for it. The only thing to do is to develop an idea, either with physical bricks or with a virtual construction tool. After construction, simply post a photo or file containing the design on the Lego Ideas site.

Before being remunerated, the project must be approved by Lego and validated by 10,000 users. If all of these conditions are met, the design will be produced by Lego and 1% of the net sales of each item sold will be donated to the creator. Although this percentage may seem insignificant at first glance, if it is very popular, potential buyers will be numerous, which will increase sales.

Become a Lego builder

To earn money, it is possible to become a Lego builder provided you have a great skill and great passion for Legos. Although, earning decent amounts of money building Legos takes time and effort. There are different levels of Lego builders, namely:

apprentice builder

Apprentice builders are builders who have just started. Their job is to spend hours gluing together individual Lego pieces, maintaining the exhibits in the pack, and organizing events.

senior builder

Like an apprentice builder, a senior builder performs the same duties, but with additional responsibilities: he helps oversee pack procedures and assists the master builder.

The master builder

This title of is only granted to a few very skilled and experienced Lego builders. There are only 40 master builders in the world, in all the Lego parks and event centers. His job is to design new leg exhibits and build and install them.

Blog about Lego

Here’s another way to earn money while sharing your collection with the world. In fact, it suffices to publish an article about the latest addition to the Lego collection. Likewise, it allows you to talk about your favorite Lego to your passionate colleagues. Blogs also provide access to other people’s collections. If a piece is missing from a set you own, one of your fans may be able to get it for you at a reasonable price.

Blogs also allow you to rmake sales. If it becomes popular, the sale of Lego merchandise and games will be easier. In conclusion, there are many ways to make money with Legacies.

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How to make money with Lego?

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