How to Invest Properly in the Metaverse?

The metaverse (or metaverse in French) is a parallel, virtual or alternative world to the world we know. The least we can say is that for a few years now, the metaverse has been unleashing passions. Who has never even imagined once in their life a world full of possibilities, in which the laws governing our current world would not exist. Whether at the level of entertainment, culture, art or even at the economic level, the metaverse is in the process of carrying out, whether we like it or not, an incredible digital revolution.

This digital revolution, many people still have trouble conceiving it. This is completely understandable, because each time there was a new invention in history, few people were immediately interested in it. It is indeed proven that, from a societal point of view, people struggle with change, especially when it comes to breakthrough technologies.

What is the Metaverse?

The metaverse is a world parallel to ours. It is a virtual and digital environment that allows free use of imagination and thought. Although it is very complicated to find a real definition for this complex and constantly evolving word, the metaverse could simply be described as a virtual world. The Metaverse is above all an immersive adventure, indeed, that is undoubtedly its primary objective. The immersion of the particular in the metaverse is not inaccessible, it is only necessary to use the appropriate technologies.

The metaverse is not something unique, in fact, its principle is to have infinite possibilities, and among these different possibilities is that there are several different metaverses. This term is ultimately more of a notion, a concept, an idealization rather than something very concrete.

Origin of the Metaverse

To understand the origins of the metaverse, you have to go back in time, to the early 1990s. Already at the time, some people had understood the importance of technology, and more particularly of the Internet. Some wondered what all these advances will be in the future, and what the different possibilities they will offer. Among these people, we find the American writer Neal Stephenson and his novel The Virtual Samurai published in 1993. This novel is really one of the precursors of the very precise concept that is today the metaverse. In his novel, Stephenson thought of a world where it is possible to exist with nothing but the thought of the brain.

A true parallel world

The most recent cultural example perfectly representing what the concept of the metaverse is, is the film by genius Steven Spielberg, Ready Player One released in 2018. This film really represents the current state of the virtual world, in which a person will be immersed in this world through a virtual reality headset. In the film, Spielberg tried to best represent what a user of a virtual reality headset could feel, both emotionally and physically.

The main and only objective of the metaverse is to give the possibility to its users to be able to realize their wildest dreams, to be able to become something or someone that they could not become in real life. But the metaverse also makes it possible to realize what characterizes the human being the most, namely money. Indeed, the metaverse has quickly become an important source of investment for many, especially since many know that it is a concept with infinite potential.

A very special technology

To work, the metaverse uses very specific technologies:

  • To begin with, there are virtual reality headsets, or augmented reality headsets. Virtual reality headsets, also called VR headsets, are used to fully immerse the person in the game, in the world they desire.
  • The augmented reality headset, also called AR headset, is used, as its name suggests, to increase this feeling of virtual reality, and therefore reinforce the immersion of the user.
  • Blockchain technology is also used in the metaverse. This technology allows decentralized transactions between users. This means that transactions are carried out directly between individuals, without any intermediary in the purchase or sale.

How to invest correctly in the metaverse?

What to do in the Metaverse

There are a multitude of possible activities in this parallel universe, which is also what makes it so charming. There are ultimately a lot of real-world features in the metaverse. From things like economics through cryptocurrency, to art with NFTs, there’s plenty to do inside. Thus, everyone can find a shoe that suits them in this universe.

Have fun in a parallel world

It is possible to be entertained simply in the metaverse, in particular by the meta platform formerly known as Facebook. With meta, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of the company, wanted to set up a connected system of very elaborate digital data. So there are many games in meta, like Axie Infinity or Sandbox. It is also possible to cultivate properties and real estate, by the most known means of the Decentraland platform.

Invest and earn money

Investing in the metaverse requires several things. Indeed, it is not just any type of investment here as can be found with the shares of companies on the stock market in particular. You must first have certain notions and knowledge of the virtual world in which you wish to invest. Indeed, one should not surf on the trend and the popularity of the metaverse, believing that an investment in this universe is necessarily profitable.

It is also necessary to know the different crypto-currencies to acquire before even wanting to invest. Trading in the metaverse is very often done through specific tokens specific to the different platforms you are going to use. Prudence and your different knowledge are the two elements that will allow you to make consistent investments.

How to invest in the metaverse?

There are several different ways to properly invest in the Metaverse.

Some games allow you to acquire money. The principle of these games is characterized by the “Play to earn” system, which literally means playing to win. The further you progress in these virtual games, the more cryptocurrency rewards you will earn. However, these games do not pay much today.

NFT trading, on the other hand, is much more interesting in terms of investment. A booming phenomenon, NFT (non-fungible token) trading allows you to earn money in two ways. Either by performing a Mint, which means buying an NFT on the day of its release for cheap and reselling it for a higher price afterwards, or by a simple resale purchase process on the OpenSea platform.

At last, the best way to invest in the metaverse is digital real estate. The purchase of LAND by the Decentraland platform is a good way to invest your money, because like in real life, the value of real estate, even digitally, is likely to increase considerably in the years to come.

You must, before investing in the metaverse, understand the still current instability of its market. Thus, it is not recommended to invest huge sums in this medium, unless you have the opportunity.

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How to Invest Properly in the Metaverse?

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