How to find a virtual reality room near you?

The virtual reality is a growing trend today, particularly in France. Number of VR rooms (virtual reality) therefore continues to increase in the country. These centers which allow people who do not have virtual reality equipment to taste immersive experiences number more than 50 on the national territory. So, where is the closest virtual reality room to your home? This article teaches you how to find it.

Find a virtual reality (VR) room nearby

Do a search on Google Maps or on a specialized website

If you are looking for a room virtual reality in Nantes for example or everywhere else, the first solution which is offered to you is research on Google Maps or on all the other electronic charts. Indeed, the majority, if not all the VR rooms have their companies registered on the various electronic cards. Doing a search on these allows you to find them.

This is an easy solution to implement. All you need is an internet connection and a smartphone. By specifying the name of your city in the search, you will reduce the number of results to that of VR rooms closest to you. You can further refine the results by checking the travel time from your home for each room found.

Furthermore, there is also a website specialized in finding VR rooms. Thanks to it, you can easily and quickly find the best virtual reality room nearby. Simply fill in your location and the search radius for the tool to list the best VR rooms near you. At the time of writing these lines, the site has no less than 30 venues all over France. You will surely find happiness !

Ask your friends who like gaming

Ask those around you is the second solution available to you. Indeed, it is more than certain that you know a person or two who like to play video games. These people are generally well informed about everything related to the world of virtual reality. If they live in the same neighborhood as you, they will certainly know the location of VR rooms closest to you.

In case the video game enthusiasts you know are unaware of the information you are looking for, they will certainly know of someone who does. So in the end you will find the answer to your question.

Ask the question in groups of gamers on social networks

Social networks bring together a lot of people. And among these, gamers form a large, very supportive community. If you need information about a VR room in your city, it is more than sure that you will have them by asking in one of the groups created by them. These groups are also not very difficult to find, just search for keywords such as vr room, virtual reality, gamers, gaming, etc. in the network group catalog.

This solution, even if it is a little more difficult to implement, has the advantage of offering you other information such as:

  • the best virtual reality universes to try absolutely in one or the other of the VR rooms;
  • the prices of the different VR rooms;
  • tips for better enjoying virtual reality;

Just ask what you want in these groups and you will have the answer if it concerns virtual reality.

In sum, for find a virtual reality room near you, you have three options. The first is to research the location of the various rooms on the internet. The second is to ask video game enthusiasts you know. And finally, you can ask in a group of gamers on social networks.

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How to find a virtual reality room near you?

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