Horizon Worlds: How it works, places to discover… everything to get you started

Horizon Worlds is the latest social virtual reality product from Meta. This platform allows creators, enthusiasts and users of virtual reality to come together to collaborate and participate in shared experiences.

While the metaverse begins to take shape, the industry needs contributions from virtual reality content creators. These creative teams will populate the metaverse with new and exciting experiences, ranging from gameplay and e-commerce to learning and collaboration. Today, Meta launched a solution that will make it easier for creators to develop virtual reality, inside virtual reality. Horizon Worlds is the company’s latest social virtual reality product.

Through this platform, creators, enthusiasts and users of virtual reality can come together to collaborate and participate in shared experiences. How does Horizon Worlds work? What places to visit on the platform? What do you need to know to get started on Horizon Worlds? Here are the answers to some questions that we ask ourselves on this subject.

Horizon Worlds works on the basis of users who create virtual worlds

At first glance, Horizon Worlds appears to be a competitor to PlayStation VR’s Dreams, Roblox and Second Life. It’s a hub for games and content, mixed with the social networking concept of Facebook. In reality, Horizon Worlds operates on a user basis that create virtual worlds for other players to explore.

When you log into Horizon Worlds, you will be brought around a place in town. Before starting, you can choose your appearance and what you wear from a complete and inclusive set of avatar tools. You will be able to use Horizon Worlds Builder to create play arenas or activities and attend events. This is possible, without you having the slightest computer programming concept.

Horizon Locals will be in the VR landscapes to answer questions. It will help users who encounter technical or security problems. It thus constitutes customer support for Horizon Worlds.

Is Horizon Worlds part of the metaverse?

You could say that Horizon Worlds is one of the first components of the metaverse, or in other words, a virtual world where users can have fun and work at the same time. Essentially he brings the concept of virtual reality to life.


Facebook Connect showed what the metaverse could look like. And some elements looked like what does now Horizon Worlds. Indeed, the game offers users the opportunity to have fun in a virtual space and interact with others.

Do I need a Facebook account to access Horizon Worlds?

To play Horizon Worlds, it is necessary to link the game to your Facebook account. The same goes when you first time setting up your Oculus Quest 2 with the Oculus app. It will need to be linked to a Facebook account for you to complete the setup.

Some must-see places to discover on Horizon Worlds

The following are just a small handful of notable worlds worth visiting.

American Idol VR

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a great singer/songwriter? American Idol VR is a world where you can put your vocal skills to the test in front of a live audience. If you are a songwriter, you will be immersed in this game. You will perform your favorite song.

American Idol VR

Like a real show, you perform a single song in front of three judges played by real people. At the end of your audition, the audience will provide real-time feedback using in-game gestures.

The quality of your experience will heavily depend on when you choose to connect. For the best possible experience, we recommend that you register on Saturday evening.

Arena Clash

This team shooter brings you to fight in a colorful arena full of devastating weapons to use. Gameplay-wise, you’re looking at your standard team deathmatch. Looking at the map, you will see many weaponsfrom grenade launchers to shotguns.

Don’t let the simplistic shooting mechanics fool you. Arena Clash offers surprising depth. The solid board design offers many strategic possibilitiesas is the ability to resurrect teammates throughout the match.

March Miner

Mars Miner is a multiplayer exploration game where you and other players can mine for gems on the red planet. There exists a wide range of mining tools available for your use, including explosives and special equipment. Upgrade your mining tools to stay on top of your game. Use explosives to explore areas where treasures are hidden. Join your team members to build a rocket together.

Wake The Robot

Wake The Robot is a puzzle and mystery game. Many clues are given to you. Your ability to solve a puzzle makes you a winner. Wake the Robot is a multiplayer game. He therefore works well with a group of people. It’s a fun game worth exploring.


club vivid

Club Vivid is a modern VR nightclub open to all users. Here you can dance to the beat of a personalized hip-hop soundtrack, smoke a pipe in the VIP lounge or go behind the turntables. In the DJ booth, you’ll find an interactive soundboard that trigger specific sounds and stage effects, including two powerful smoke machines. You are sure to have a number of memorable interactions at Club Vivid.

UA Comedy Club

At a time comedy club and social lounge, it’s the perfect place to work on your routine in front of a live audience. Anyone can apply for a spot, regardless of experience level. Of course, you are always free to relax and enjoy a few sets as a member of the public.

Club Fuego

Club Fuego offers a very different experience than the previously mentioned Club Vivid. Fuego presents a typically Latin atmosphere with its bright colorsits Latin-inspired soundtrack and its exotic drinks.

club fuego

You can take turns in the DJ booth, dance in one of the two cages galore or relax on the upper floor. There are even a few interactive beer pong tables. Among the many VR nightclubs available in Horizon Worlds, Cub Fuego has quickly become popular thanks to its colorful visuals and its energetic community.


Questy’s is an arcade restaurant where you can buy virtual food like pretzels from the on-site vendor. It’s about a multiplayer game with an arena where it is possible to organize a live band with your friends to test your musical skills. He gives different percussion instruments to try out. A table tennis court is also available. Note that Questy’s was featured in the Meta Super Bowl ad in 2022.

What to know to get started on Horizon Worlds

Here are some things to know for the best Horizon Worlds experience.

Customize your avatar

To play Horizon Worlds, you must be 18 or older. Also, you must have an Oculus avatar. An in-game prompt will take you to the avatar editor where you can customize everything, your body type, your hair, your facial features, your clothes and more. If you are not satisfied with the final result, you can change your look whenever you want.

Horizon Worlds

Horizon Worlds offers different locomotion options depending on your comfort level. The default is teleport to move. But you can change it to slide, and change the rotation to be instant. Furthermore, it is possible disable or enable specific options of the comfort assistant to move, turn, jump and fall if you wish.

Add a friend

When you add a friend on Horizon Worlds, it will be easier for you to track him down and invite him to an event. To add someone as a friend:

  • Select the Skyline menu.
  • Choose the People tab and find the person you want to add.
  • Select the three-dot icon next to their name, then select Add Friend.

Remember that adding someone as a friend in Horizon will also add them as a friend to your Oculus account.

Grab objects

Either it’s about throw boomerangs or shoot basketballs, using items is part of exploring Horizon Worlds. To enter a subject:

  • Move your hand to the object and point your palm at it.
  • When the object is in range, a white circle appears.
  • Press and hold your Grab Trigger.
  • To drop an object, release your Grab Trigger.

Move my avatar

To move your avatar in teleport mode :

  • Push forward with either stick to make a circle appear on the ground.
  • Point to a place you want to go, then release to move there


For change your motion preferences :

  • Flip your wrist, select the three-line icon, then select the Settings icon.
  • Select Motion, then select Preferences.
  • Choose between Teleport and Slide. You can also adjust the angle of rotation.

To move your avatar using the Slide mode :

  • Push forward with your left thumb in the direction you want to go.
  • Push the right stick left or right to turn.
  • Click your right thumb to jump.
  • To jump, click your right thumb. To sprint, click your left thumb.

Horizon Worlds Safe Zone

The Safe Zone is a personal space where you can keep you away from others. From there you can disable, block and report content or people. To access it, select the “Shield” icon.

Once done, you will be able to report the world you are currently in, block nearby people, activate or deactivate the sound of a person, go to your Personal Space. If someone doesn’t make you feel safe, you can block them from this menu.

Horizon Worlds makes for an attractive platform, especially since it’s free. And the more users it has, the more fun and exciting games the world will have for players to get involved in.

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Horizon Worlds: How it works, places to discover… everything to get you started

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