Holoride: new virtual reality headset

It is the equivalent in France of the CES in Las Vegas. A show where technology is omnipresent, whether it applies to cars, motorcycles, trains and even drones. And this Saturday day is open to the public, at the Porte de Versailles exhibition center. Coming back to the cars, Audi and Renault are the only two manufacturers present. I already spoke last week about Skysphere, this spectacular concept of electric roadster, with autonomous driving and which lengthens at the brand with the rings. So I’m going to tell you about Holoride, a virtual reality headset that was developed by former Audi employees. Imagine that the brand new car multimedia system is compatible with this helmet. And it therefore makes it possible to transmit to gamers, installed in the rear seats, the movements of the vehicle in their game. This data is transmitted via a Bluetooth-type wireless connection. In other words, when the driver takes a turn, those who have the helmet on their head feel it too. It is a world first.

Even more amazing: Audi collaborates on an electric board that goes on the water

If I talk to you about Marty McFly, the character from the movie Back to the Future, you may remember the hoverboard, his floating skateboard. Well, it’s kind of the same thing. Except it’s a hydrofoil. Imagine a surfboard, which has a motorized wing underneath and which allows you to be raised 80 centimeters above the water… Everything is controlled from a remote control that you hold in your hand. This is what this strange machine allows, which spins at 50 km/h above the sea and which allows you to hold on for an hour and a half. And this, without noise and without emission. Supported by Audi, this project is led by the company Aerofoils. The product is also on sale for 12,000 euros excluding tax.

At Renault, we are betting on hydrogen…

The diamond brand exposes the Scenic Vision concept. It was presented for the first time on May 19, as part of an event in Paris on climate change. This is his second outing. The vehicle is definitely worth a look, as it foreshadows the style of the future Scenic, which will be released in 2024 in the form of an SUV. We just remember that the brand wanted to make a vehicle that is both very safe and ecological. It is equipped with numerous driving aids. And under the hood, Renault has chosen to combine the battery and the fuel cell. In other words, a mixture of electricity and hydrogen. But the news is also the Mégane e tech, 100% electric, which can also be seen at the Viva Tech show. It is exhibited at Google, Renault’s partner in connected services.

And we end with an autonomous bus

It is presented by the RATP. The Parisian transport authority is exhibiting the electric and driverless bus from the Chinese manufacturer CRRC. It will soon be tested on a line in the Val de Marne. This vehicle is equipped with lidars, cameras and other sensors. The RATP is the first operator in France to experiment with a 12m long autonomous bus. The test will also make it possible to test various driving assistance devices that could improve the safety or performance of regular lines, such as the cancellation of blind spots. The Group intends to gradually integrate the autonomous bus into a traditional line and reinvent everyday mobility.

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Holoride: new virtual reality headset

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