Hackathon handicap in Paris: to invent useful objects

Since 2014, more than 600 innovative solutions for people with disabilities have emerged in “hackathons” organized around the world under the banner of the TOM association. The 1st arrives in France in July 2022. To equip yourself from home!

A breath-controlled page-turner, a virtual reality headset that can be used without joysticks: dozens of engineers, developers and other handymen are expected on July 12 and 13, 2022 in Paris during the first “hackathon” organized in France under the banner of the TOM association (link below), for “Tikkun Olam Makers”, from a Hebrew expression which means “change the world”. Goal ? Invent useful devices for people with disabilities.

Emulators in 35 countries

Modeled on an idea born in Israel in 2014 and which has been emulated in 35 countries, this event will bring together for two days and one night 14 teams of creators, students or inventors, who will strive to provide a response to 14 concrete needs. unresolved, organizers said this week. The “project leaders“, who express a need, will be present during the design phase. And the manufacturing manual for the objects created will then be available in “open-source”, so that the innovative prototypes can be manufactured by the greatest number for a modest price, explained Claire Chokron, president of the association TOM France, during a launch party for the event in Paris.

Innovative ideas

Among the 14″needs” retained, that of Jonathan Nadjar, 35, suffering from myopathy, who wishes to explore the metaverse with a virtual reality helmet, but does not have the use of his hands. However, this type of equipment is currently necessarily coupled or that of Rivka Saada, who has a motor disability and who would like to have a device capable of turning the pages of her book for her. Parisian hospital Henri-Mondor, dreams of a device capable of measuring with greater precision than currently the strength of the muscles of its patients suffering from neuromuscular diseases. it is difficult to assess the effectiveness of the innovative treatments on which researchers are working.

Easy to build at home

Since 2014, more than 600 innovative solutions have emerged in these various “hackathons” organized around the world. Among these inventions, which almost everyone can easily build at home: a very low-cost wheelchair for young children, or a vegetable cutting board that can be used with one hand. An Israeli team has also created, with a simple 3D printer, a prosthesis that can be used by a violinist, who attaches her bow to it.

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Hackathon handicap in Paris: to invent useful objects

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