Grid Legends in VR for Meta Quest 2 – Our opinion

Grid Legends

  • Kind : Race, single and multiplayer
  • Developer: Codemasters
  • Editor: Electronic Arts
  • Release date: 2/25/2022 (on other platforms)
  • Platforms: PS, PC, PS4, PS5, XO, XSX,

Grid Legends MetaQuest

  • Cut : 31 GB
  • Price : $34.95
  • Release date: January 12, 2023

For Facebook’s VR platform to be recognized for its true value, it is necessary to find games providing varied and above all captivating experiences in virtual reality. Certainly there are a good number of games of atmosphere, tempo and amusement park, all capable of giving sensations to the player. But let’s not forget the racing games which are also often interesting to play in VR. This time, it’s the turn of the famous GRID Legends from Codemasters (EA) to make the jump to Facebook’s Meta Quest 2 platform.

Available on Xbox One, Series S/X, PS4, PS5 and on PC since February 2022, the racing game GRID Legends recently appeared on the Meta Quest online store. To achieve this feat of porting a greedy AAA game to the VR headset, the designers have unfortunately made significant changes to be able to run it on Android (yes the onboard operating system of Meta Quest 2 is indeed Android ). I say unfortunately since it is immediately what strikes us when we launch the game the first time, ugly graphics, too pixelated and with little detail. So horrible that we have to work hard to form the whole picture in our head. Combined with the fact that it’s a virtual game, so the two small screens very close to the eyes, it’s frankly very unpleasant and anything but relaxing. In all honesty, impossible to play it for long without bleeding from the eyes.

Naturally, the designers bet on the experience of an interior view of the car to immerse us in VR. It’s so surprising to have the impression of sitting in the cabin, turning your head and seeing the instruments like the speedometer and the engine tachometer. But unfortunately, the mirrors are absent, an aberration since we constantly have to turn our heads to the sides and to the rear to see the cars attacking us. Very strange and disappointing choice.

Fortunately we have to fall back on the fact that GRID Legends is a game based on a long and complete story mode in addition to the fast racing mode, its track editor and its multiplayer mode. So no worries on that aspect, the game offers a lot, but will you want a lot? That is the question.

The story of GRID Legends which places us in different scenarios with cars of different categories, is definitely the right reason to play the game. But if you have already played it on Xbox Series or PS5, then there you will not be impressed with this VR version and better skip your turn. It’s not that the game is that bad, but it just doesn’t live up to what’s been done before making this version ultimately pretty useless. The controls are similar with the console versions, with the analog stick for the steering wheel and the triggers for the accelerator and the brake. Why not offer a virtual steering wheel as an option just for VR fun?

In conclusion, due to its very disappointing graphics, it is impossible to recommend GRID Legends for Meta Quest 2 to you. It is better if you want to try the adventure of a racing game in VR, to plug your Quest 2 into your PC and opt for other games like the original Assetto Corsa in VR, available for $5.50 via Steam.

Grid Legends in VR for Meta Quest 2 Our

A complete story mode

Several game modes

The artificial intelligence of enemy cars

Interesting price

Grid Legends in VR for Meta Quest 2 Our

Horrible visuals

No mirror views

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Grid Legends in VR for Meta Quest 2 – Our opinion

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