Glasses to translate everything instantly

About ten years ago Google had already offered connected glasses, they were to revolutionize the world… But they had not found takers mainly because of a sale price considered too high. Now that connected objects have become more democratic with the drop in price of their technology, Google wants to launch glasses to translate everything instantly. A daily revolution for travelers and expatriates, both in a private and professional setting. Small flat, during the presentation of the project earlier this month in Los Angeles, Google gave no date of design or launch.

Google Translate

Obviously, the technology, which will be embedded in these glasses, will be in-house with Google Translate. And more specifically, the Google Interpreter version. Deployed since 2019, it automatically recognizes the language and translates in real time, as the conversation progresses. Free, this new feature is available in 44 languages, including French.

If the application works on all Android phones, on iPhone you must first install the new version of Google Assistant to benefit from Google Interpreter. The mobile software still has a defect, it only works if there is an Internet connection, which is inexpensive but problematic in areas without coverage.

Expertise in virtual reality

For years, Google has been active in virtual and augmented reality, as evidenced by the Daydream virtual reality headset.

The very interesting aspect of the new project unveiled during this Google I/O 2022 concerns the emphasis on utility. Exit immersive experiences in the company of dinosaurs or in magical landscapes, we are on the concrete: understanding and being understood to remove communication barriers. By combining this pragmatic approach and the power of its tools, Google is moving forward on a promising path.

Easy to use

The microphones of these “new Google Glass” will be able to listen to the interlocutor of the spectacle wearer. The latter then benefits from a live translation, directly on the lens of the glasses. In a video presentation, Google shows different examples of users who manage to communicate better using the glasses.

With this system, Google seeks to make the use of its algorithms more transparent translation. We remember that the Pixel Buds headphones already offered to translate a conversation while the Translation or Google Assistant application offers similar functions. From your smartphone, it is possible to launch a conversation or interpreter mode to exchange with a person who does not speak the same language. On the other hand, it will always take a translator for official documents.

The glasses want to facilitate this translation process and Google does not intend to stop there. In its demonstration video, the firm evokes the case of a deaf person who could wear these connected glasses and use them to communicate better with someone who doesn’t know sign language.

Release date ?

We do not yet know the price or the release date. of these glasses that would almost be confused with a pair of classic prescription glasses. The glasses shown in the video are one of the first prototypes that Google has tested. It will probably be necessary to be patient before seeing them land on the market, but this confirms that the group is not done with the Glass.

We should also remember that Google recently acquired North, a start-up known to be at the origin of Focals connected glasses. These have the particularity of resembling “ordinary” glasses, like the new project of its new owner.

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Glasses to translate everything instantly

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