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This seemingly eccentric Japanese invention aims to help us have our eyes smaller than our bellies… thanks to a pair of glasses equipped with magnifying lenses!

To reconcile with the balance, some are ready to test gadgets of all kinds. After the magnets attached to the teeth that block the movement of the jaws, another funny device would promote weight loss. Japanese researchers have developed a revolutionary slimming tool: glasses with magnifying glasses allowing users to restrict their caloric intake. But is this futuristic tool really effective? Discovery of an inconvenient invention whose results would be convincing.

Deceive his senses

The invention, developed in 2012 by researchers at theResearch Institute for Advanced Science and Technology in Japanrelies on the virtual reality for enlarge the appearance of food. By modifying the appearance of food, the objective would be to trick our senses into giving us the feeling that the food we want to eat is bigger than it really is. Thus, the image captured through these mounts would send an erroneous message to our brain, and would give us the false impression of standing in front of a full plate or observing a biscuit twice as big.

According to the study by Tokyo researchers, relayed by theAFPpeople who have put on these glasses will therefore risk feeling full more quickly, thinking they have eaten larger rations.

Reduce your daily consumption by 10%

At a time when specialists are praising the merits of calorie restriction in a slimming diet, this technological invention would reduce its daily consumption, according to Japanese scientists. Indeed, the tests carried out by the researchers revealed that the participants ate 10% less cookies when they saw them twice as big as they really were.

On the contrary, the guinea pigs who were faced with treats with reduced appearance ate 15% more.

In total, 80% of the volunteers let themselves be fooled. The idea is not to encumber you with this indiscreet object but it is the very principle of reducing the daily caloric intake which is interesting. And for that, you have to keep in mind that your brain has its role to play.

“Reality is in your mind”

To push the limits of reality even further, researchers at the University of Tokyo have designed the “meta cookie”, a cookie whose flavor can be adjusted using a helmet worn on the head. The sophisticated device is then connected to perfume bottles that want to deceive users’ sense of smell in order to influence the sensation of taste.

The user can thus have the impression of eating a delicious chocolate dessert while biting into a green vegetable!

“Reality is in your mind” emphasizes Prof. Michitaka Hirose who conducted the study. According to the researcher, the best way to trick one meaning is to solicit others. The specialist, who does not plan to market his prototype, wants to emphasize that food does indeed pass through the mind and that it is above all behaviors that need to be changed rather than what is in the body. ‘plate. This is called having eyes bigger than your stomach!

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Glasses to lose weight: a really effective gadget? – Full life

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