Ghostbusters VR announced for PSVR 2, Ghostbusters VR Academy announced for arcades

License ghostbusters is back in force at the moment, especially in the field of video games. In addition to Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashedthe asymmetrical multiplayer game of IllFonic, some Ghostbusters VR (working name)action game playable alone or up to 4 in the first person, had been announced for the Meta Quest 2 a few weeks ago.

Good news, on the occasion of Ghostbusters Day and of theEcto Fest, Sony Pictures VR confirmed that this virtual reality game would also be released on PSVR 2 ! Like the accessory exclusive to the PlayStation 5, the title developed by nDreams does not yet have a release date, but gamers planning to purchase the PlayStation VR2 should be thrilled.

At the same time, the publisher unveiled another project called Ghostbusters VR Academydevelopped by Hologate. It is not intended for helmets VR commercial, but virtual reality roomsand more particularly those equipped with the facilities Hologate Arena and Hologate Blitz : it will be deployed in more than 400 spaces by the end of 2022. Concretely, with the installation arena, members of the academy will battle ghosts while equipped with Proton Packsand with Blitz and its simulators, they will be able to get behind the wheel of a prototypeEcto.

“The goal of Sony Pictures Virtual Reality is to make your dreams come true. Ghostbusters VR Academy, the new VR training experience based in virtual reality gaming spaces, will continue to expand the world of Ghostbusters in a way that honors the franchise’s heritage and offers something entirely new.” said Jake Zim, Senior Vice President of Virtual Reality at Sony Pictures Entertainment. “For the first time ever, players will be able to train to become a true Ghostbuster in an incredible academic setting and pilot a new flying version of the ECTO using HOLOGATE’s Vehicle Motion Simulator. This fantastic experience is only possible in virtual reality and with HOLOGATE’s location-based entertainment technology. »

“Sony Pictures VR is doing amazing things for virtual reality, and we’re thrilled to partner with them on this new experience,” said Leif Petersen, CEO and Founder of HOLOGATE. “Ghostbusters VR Academy is a natural fit for HOLOGATE’s ARENA and BLITZ platforms. It transcends reality so players can create memorable moments while fulfilling long-held dreams using iconic Ghostbusters gear. We can’t wait for players to enter this world. »

The future therefore seems bright for the franchise of sony ! If you don’t have it in your collection yet, Ghostbusters: Legacy is available on Blu-ray from €24.99 on

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Ghostbusters VR announced for PSVR 2, Ghostbusters VR Academy announced for arcades

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