Gamedec (Nintendo Switch) – The test

Untold Games is a Polish video game publishing label that prides itself on working primarily on games with an interesting story to tell. According to them, their main objective is to offer a beautiful narrative experience to the players. Knowing this, the arrival of the Gamedec game can therefore make more than one think. Does it live up to Untold Games’ ambition?

Ready Player One

Since storytelling seems to be at the heart of Untold Games’ games, let’s take a look at Gamedec’s story first. We are at the end of the 22th century in Warsaw City. The city is very different from that of today. Many skyscrapers have grown, so much so that it is sometimes difficult to distinguish the ground or the sky. Technology has entered the life of every inhabitant of the city. Traveling billboards position themselves in front of your apartment if you peek out of the window. But above all, almost every human being has a virtual life. Unfortunately, real life now seems tedious and not conducive to recreation. So everyone is looking for happiness in virtual worlds. Through a sofa and a connected headset, it is possible to experience a very realistic virtual reality, to the point of forgetting the hours that pass. For those who have seen Steven Spielberg’s film Ready Player One, you will find many elements of the American director’s science fiction. Not bad how inspiration, right?

In this context, you embody a Gamedec. A Gamedec is a private detective specializing in virtual worlds. Because yes, there are many cases to solve in the different digital worlds. You are therefore a sort of Sherlock Holmes specializing in new video game technologies. Because, as a Gamedec, you have computer skills that will help you throughout your investigations.

Investigations, our super Sherlock is going to have a lot of them. You start the game with a contract from an industrial manager regarding his son. This one is on his couch, online for about 4 days. This becomes worrying, because it is impossible to forcefully disconnect a player without risking their health. It will therefore first be necessary to investigate in real life before trying to join the young man in the virtual world. But to succeed, it will be necessary to make good deductions.

Surveys 2.0

1657056270 258 Gamedec Nintendo Switch – The testIn Gamedec, don’t expect to have action and fights. We are in an RPG, but here no enemies to fight. At the beginning of the game, you choose the basic characteristics of your character: his name, his appearance and his attributes. But in Gamedec, the player’s attributes are not, for example, Dexterity, Strength or Constitution. Instead, you have personality traits. Reds bring together determination, authority, sincerity, indifference, impatience, conciseness, selfishness and resolution. For the yellows, these are inspiration, spontaneity, optimism, talkativeness, energy, expression, consensus and intuition. Among the blues, you will find people with principles, calm, solitude, precaution, logic, discretion, precision and who stick to the facts. Finally, greens have empathy, listening, trust, compassion, friendliness, helpfulness, pacifism and education. So, what color do you think you are? This is what you must define at the beginning of the adventure by distributing at least one point in each color among your 6 starting points. But don’t worry, you’ll gain plenty of personality traits later on.

Ok, but what’s the point of all this? These personality points can be spent on a skill tree. Each skill has a price to pay requiring attribute points of different colors. Ranging from medical skills to technological skills to charismatic skills, you will have 16 abilities to unlock.

Okay, but what is it for?! These skills will allow you to unlock possible actions during your dialogues, which can change the course of your story. Thus, there are several ways to resolve an investigation. Will you be more in favor of the soft method, or rather more radical by hacking the system? Up to you. But all this will depend on the skills you have unlocked. And for that, if you have followed well, you need attribute points. These points are earned based on certain decisions you make that will tip you towards a particular color.

This system of personality traits is quite comprehensive. Indeed, each color is based on 8 identifiable characteristics. We regularly manage to determine which color a decision will make us lean towards. We therefore found this system rather interesting, because it seems to us logical and faithful to the characteristics of the different colors.

Elementary my dear Watson

1657056270 632 Gamedec Nintendo Switch – The testTo solve your investigations, you will have to question a lot of people. Whether in the real or virtual world, you will have to build relationships with your protagonists and make decisive decisions that will often present you with many dilemmas. To obtain information, you will sometimes have to support unscrupulous people, to the detriment of other more recommendable ones. These relationships will follow you throughout the game and will allow you, or not, to obtain valuable help.

As your investigation progresses, the extensive information gathered will be kept in your deduction log. Once you think you have the answer to a survey question, you will be able to choose an answer from those available. Your decision will then unlock the rest of the investigation with a new question to solve. Each of your decisions changes the path to the final solution. But perhaps you will come to erroneous conclusions that will jeopardize the resolution of your contract…

There is no combat in Gamedec, but the closest thing to it is a kind of verbal sparring with key characters in the story. If you manage to win the trust of your protagonist, then he will reveal crucial information to you. If he continues to be suspicious, you will have to do without. We found these verbal duels interesting because once again, the reactions of the different characters are logical, even if not always obvious at first glance.

A game about human relations

1657056270 810 Gamedec Nintendo Switch – The testSo you have probably understood that investigations and human relations are at the center of the game. To obtain information, you will have to betray certain people and be more empathetic with others. These choices will therefore establish more or less good relations with your protagonists who will therefore be more inclined, or not, to help you with your future investigations. The gap between the virtual worlds which, by definition, cut off human beings from the real world and the deeply human side of the relationships with the different characters encountered, leads us to reflect. There is an almost philosophical side to this discrepancy from which everyone can draw their own conclusions.

A glimpse of the future of the metaverse?

Is this digital life through different video games an approximate vision of the metaverse? No one knows at the moment. But what is interesting in Gamedec is that through different video games, we are therefore entitled to several different digital universes. Going from a perverse and gloomy universe to the edges of the galaxy, passing through the Wild West, you will surely recognize universes of games that you have known. It also allows you to vary the environments and break the monotony that could happen.

The Gamedec has the means to make you talk

1657056270 836 Gamedec Nintendo Switch – The testBy playing a detective, you can imagine that you will have to question a lot of people and collect a lot of information. As a result, you will then have a lot of text to read. If you also read additional information about the game universe, then you will have even more reading. Fortunately, even if there are a few bits of untranslated text, the translation is of good quality, especially when you see the amount of work it entailed. So be warned: if you’re looking for action, move on. On the other hand, if investigation games interest you, then you will be delighted to try to solve the various mysteries that will dot your adventure. The solution isn’t always the most obvious, and if you’re not careful, you can quite easily get off on the wrong track. But if you collect enough information, the outcome of your investigation will seem to you to be quite logical.

A good achievement

In addition to a rather neat writing and interesting investigations, Gamedec has very decent graphics for the Nintendo Switch. Everything is consistent, and immersion in the Gamedec universe is guaranteed. If you add to this a soundtrack adapted to each environment, you get a good quality game.

In addition, count a good fifteen hours at least to finish the game. If the game interests you, you will have to pay 30€ to offer you a trip into the world of Gamedec. It may seem a little expensive at first, but given the quality of the work done, it doesn’t shock us that much.



  • A very elaborate universe
  • Interesting surveys
  • Human relations at the center of the game
  • A logical game
  • A hint of RPG with a skill tree


  • Some minor translation issues
  • Lots to read
  • No touch

Note detail

  • Universe

  • Investigations

  • Graphics

  • Soundtrack

  • Lifetime

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Gamedec (Nintendo Switch) – The test

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