FightOut, the “move-to-earn” platform exceeds $2.5 million: partnership with several athletes and launch of a $250,000 crypto contest

London, England, Thursday 29th December 2022: Launched in the third week of December, Fight Outthe very first project to bring move-to-earn (M2E) to the metaverse, raised $2.45 million. This week, he features an exceptional group of partners.

The FGHT token of FightOut gives access to the web 3.0 application of FightOut. It will be launched in beta version by invitation from the first quarter of 2023 and the full version will follow in the second quarter of 2023.

FightOut has taken an innovative approach to solving the problem of encouraging individuals to continue their fitness program. This is because FightOut combines real workouts and training sessions with user avatars in the metaversewhere vital statistics are carried over to the virtual reality world.

The token is on sale right now at a price of $0.0166, or 60.06 = 1USDT. However, this price will drop to $0.0333 when the $5 million threshold is reached. Presale ends March 31, 2023.

Investors need to move quickly to get lower prices, because from the end of the first stage, the price gradually increases in a linear fashion. Indeed, this price will increase every second to reach $0.0333 at the end of the presale, March 31. This means that at every step of the process, investors are incentivized to buy to get ahead of rising prices.

And of course when the $FGHT will be listed on its first centralized platform on April 5, its price is expected to rise significantly as the reputation of the project spreads.

Additionally, to celebrate the start of the presale, the team launched a $FGHT tokens a value of $250,000. On this occasion, a lucky investor will be able to win this precious prize.

To win this contest, just complete nine tasks. This includes registering on the various social networks of FightOut and holding at least $250 in FGHT at the time of the draw, which can make you a person with a quarter of a million dollars!

UFC champions, world-record boxer and fitness influencer join team

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Amanda Ribas and Talia Santos

This week, coming from the world of mixed martial arts, female fighters UFC stars Amanda Ribas (2.1 million Instagram followers) and Taila Santos (179,000 Instagram followers) have become FightOut ambassadors.

In August 2022, Amanda was ranked 9th in the women’s division UFC strawweight and 15th in flyweight.

His Brazilian compatriot Taila competes in the flyweight division, where she was ranked No. 2 in August.

These top Brazilian fighters have worn the women’s mma at a higher level. Now, they’ll be bringing their skills to FightOut gyms through video or in-person workouts. Once in the rooms, they will help users improve their physical condition and training.

Savannah Marshall

British boxer Savannah Marshall also joined the ranks of FightOut Ambassadors. It’s another major win for FightOut, whose Web 3.0 strategy helps get in “shape.” This initiative builds on the notoriety and power of elite athletes and fighters.

Savannah (122,000 Instagram followers) is one of the best female boxers in the world. Her recent fight against American Claressa Shields broke all records, as it generated the highest viewing figures of any women’s boxing bout in history.

Tremayne Dortch

The fourth ambassador introduced to the community this week is fitness influencer Tremayne Dortch, aka “the muscle ninjaThe star of NBC’s reality show American Ninja Warrior, personal trainer Tremayne has 271,000 followers on Instagram.

FightOut is immensely happy to have these elite fighters and trainers in his team.

Claim Bonus Tokens up to 50% of the amount invested and earned

FightOut includes a very attractive bonus program. Indeed, a bonus is granted to participants in the presale depending on the amount invested and the period chosen for the acquisition of the tokens.

The team previously reported that the top tier of the bonus program, provides a 25% discount for investments of 50,000 dollars. Additionally, a 25% bonus is granted to investors who choose to hold their tokens for a period of 24 months.

Fortunately for investors, the full bonus schedule will remain in place for the duration of presale.

All $FGHT tokens are subject to a three-month vesting periodafter which holders can choose whether to extend their lock-in period.

The transfer of tokens begins at the end of the presale and the tokens are unlocked every second during the chosen transfer period. Investors can claim the unlocked tokens at any time, i.e. halfway through the vesting period, an investor can claim 50% of their tokens.

FightOut is on a mission to transform the Web 2.0 setup, which currently dominates. It also intends to remedy the weaknesses identified in Web 3.0 “Move-to-Earn“, as currently implemented by projects such as STEPN.

FightOut is supported by Transak, LBank Labs, BlockMedia Labs and

Elite fighters will be role models for all

FightOut is for anyone who wants to improve or maintain their health and fitness.

However, unlike other fitness apps and ecosystems, FightOut aims to enable its users to achieve their goals. It does this by bringing “combat athletes” into the picture, to motivate ordinary people and inspire even greater performance.

FightOut aims to provide pathways for professional fighters, such as fighters from MMA and boxers. But FightOut caters to other types of athletes as well, with a “styles make the fights” approach that allows for tailor-made fitness programs for specific sports and activities.

Ordinary app and gym users will be offered challenging goals through the presence of elite athletes on the platform.

Videos and training regimens made by combat athletes in the studios will be an integral part of every gym. The first video workouts of professional fighters will be launched in the second quarter of 2023.

Fact, gyms will become community centers for all membersbut their physical presence will not be mandatory or even necessary to become a member.

FightOut plans to roll out up to 20 gyms initially. The platform will start in cities with the strongest FightOut communities, and eventually have a venue in every major city in the world. The first FightOut gym will be inaugurated in the first quarter of 2023.

Get in shape with the FightOut app available from the first quarter of 2023

1672450810 174 FightOut the move to earn platform exceeds 25 million partnership with several

At the heart of the platform is the FightOut mobile appwhere phone and smartwatch technology will be leveraged to measure and track the physical performance of users.

The website presents a helpful demonstration of how the app will work to provide tailored training programs for each user.

To do this, you will have to select the attributes you want to train, such as strength, well-being or mental toughness, cardio-muscular endurance or all of it”. Once you have chosen these attributes, you can then follow the course.

To start using the application, a series of questions must be answered which lead the user through various circuits allowing them to create a tailor-made fitness program.

So, for example, we can select strength. Thereafter, you can choose from the options offered in the “body weight goals” section, the equipment to which you have access. You can also choose the way you prefer to train, the number of training days per week, the duration of the training, the gender, the measurements, the date of birth… At the end of the process, a program will be created especially for the app user.

What are the $FGHT and REPS tokens used for?

FightOut is a service requiring a subscription and the latter can be purchased using its two tokens: $FGHT and REPS, as well as regular fiat currency.

In order to support the $FGHT token economy, a 25% discount will be given to those who purchase their subscription with $FGHT.

REPS is the in-app off-chain currency of FightOut.

Rewards are earned in REPS and the goods and other services available in the application. So, remote consultations with personal trainers or FightOut’s unique combat trainers, merchandise, and a full range of digital goods, like cosmetics for avatars, are all paid for with REPS.

Additional REPS can be purchased with $FGHT, providing another way to support the value of the $FGHT token.

The team behind the FightOut presale has been KYC verified by CoinSniper and their technology has been audited by Certik.

Being halfway to the $5 million goal, there is no time to waste before the price of the token increases. Therefore, don’t miss the Web 3.0 revolution in health and fitness with FightOut.

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FightOut, the “move-to-earn” platform exceeds $2.5 million: partnership with several athletes and launch of a $250,000 crypto contest

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