Europe 1 Trophies of the Future: discover all the candidates for the 2022 edition

In partnership with Derichebourg, Business France, the Arthritis Foundation and Acadomia, Future Trophies reward companies, associations or local authorities. This competition honors 32 men and women through the different categories: food, health, mobility, solidarity, local authorities, education, environment, not to mention the favorite of the listeners of Europe 1.


Beesk, the start-up that fights against food waste

Twisted carrots or split cheese wheels, Beesk, founded 4 years ago by Faustine Calvarin and Fabien Gastou, collects non-standard foods to transform them into dishes for collective catering. “We buy products from producers that will never be marketed because they are out of the ordinary, too small, a split cheese, a stained orange or an underweight dessert. These products are then sold to collective catering in an environmental and sustainable approach. social”, explains Faustine Calvarin. Beesk thus fights against food waste at the root, among French producers and processors. >>All the information can be found in our article

Circul’Egg, the company that recycles eggshells into food and cosmetics

Circul’Egg is an innovative start-up that operates in the field of the circular economy. Thanks to a patented process, Circul’Egg recovers the outer part of the shell composed of 90% calcium carbonate as well as the small shell membrane; both prized by manufacturers for their biomolecules of interest such as collagen, steel, onyx. The goal? Reinject them into products intended for animal feed, nutraceuticals (food supplements) or cosmetic products. >>All the information can be found in our article

Luximer, the online fishmonger direct from Brittany

A fresh online fishmonger! Born in the mind of an oyster farmer’s son, Luximizewhich was created in 2007, is one of the first online platforms for the sale of seafood products. Luximer is above all a site for producers created by seafood professionals to meet a desire to growing consumer demand to buy at the source. >> All the information can be found in our article

Pazzi, The pizza maker robot that makes pizzas right before your eyes

Pazzi, it’s a robot pizza maker that makes pizzas in just a few minutes, from rolling out the dough to cutting it in the pizza box. “An incredible adventure that started in the family garage almost ten years ago”, explain Cyril Hamon and Sébastien Roverso, founders of Pazzi. >> All the information can be found in our article


A shelter that saves lives fights against domestic and intra-family violence.

A shelter that saves lives was created by Charlyne Peculier, Fostine Carracillo, Paul Wirbel and Hadrien Wolfelsperger. A platform dedicated to connecting victims of violence with caring owners, it is based on a concept known and now practiced in all sectors. A shelter that saves lives connects “shelters” – professionals and individuals who own vacant housing or cohabit with sheltered women, women with or without children. >>All the information can be found in our article

La Cravate solidaire, the boost to a successful job interview

It’s not easy to find a job when you don’t have enough to dress properly for a job interview. In order to fight against discrimination linked to physical appearance, the association The Solidarity Tie supports, since 2012 in Paris and since 2015 everywhere in France, people in (re)integration towards the accomplishment of their professional projects. >> All the information can be found in our article

Lumeen, virtual reality against patient anxiety

Virtual reality at the service of patients. The start-up Lumeen has developed an innovative medical device that uses the immersive power of virtual reality. The objective is “to offer moments of escape to those who need it most”, explains Corentin Metgy, co-founder of Lumeen. >>All the information can be found in our article

Les Maisons de Vincent, caring for humans and the Earth

The association Vincent’s Houses Its mission is to create living and welcoming places backed by agro-ecology to promote the inclusion of autistic adults in society. Hélène Médigue, actress and director, founded Les Maisons de Vincent considering that “the management of autism has not been up to par in our country for more than fifty years”. >>All the information can be found in our article


Carcidiag, to better target cancer treatments

Biotechnology to be precise. Carcidiag has developed a range of prognostic kits for cancer in patients already diagnosed. These kits make it possible to define the aggressiveness of cancers in order to determine personalized care for each patient under treatment. >> All the information can be found in our article

Ellcie Healthy, the connected glasses that watch over you

Glasses that warn you when your vigilance at the wheel drops or alert the emergency services in the event of a fall, it is possible with the brand Elcie Healthy.

Ellcie Healthy has developed smart and connected frames that allow monitoring of several health parameters. The frame incorporates around fifteen sensors that collect physical, physiological and environmental data or calculate the number or duration of eye blinks. >> All the information can be found in our article

The Rafaël Institute, the home after cancer

The Rafael Institute, post-cancer center, wishes to transform the vision of care by taking into account the psychological, emotional, sexual and social dimension of the patient. It is the first European center for interactive medicine which works to support patients during and after oncological treatments.

The team, made up of 11 oncologists, 70 paramedics and 5 coordinators, builds with each patient a free course of care coordinated around nutrition, emotions, physical activity, well-being and the question of returning to life. ‘use. Comprehensive care that reduces symptoms and significantly improves quality of life. >> All the information can be found in our article

MDoloris, the app that measures pain

MDoloris is a French start-up which was created in June 2010 in Lille. Thirty-three years of academic research conducted by Inserm have resulted in the development of this totally innovative application, the aim of which is to measure the pain and comfort of patients, whether they are conscious or not. >> All the information can be found in our article

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Europe 1 Trophies of the Future: discover all the candidates for the 2022 edition

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