Esport: EVA, a new virtual reality room opens in the Grenoble conurbation, in Fontaine

NEWS FLASH – EVA (Esports Virtual Arenas) opens, from this Monday, December 12, 2022, a virtual reality sports hall in Fontaine, its first in Isère. The concept ? The players, equipped with a virtual reality headset, a connected weapon and a computer in their backpack, compete in a 500 m² arena. And this, on the three exclusive video games developed by the brand, which thus wishes to offer an innovative concept in a Grenoble conurbation where competition is already fierce.

Notice to gamers. Already present in fifteen cities across France, EVA (Esports Virtual Arenas), world leader in esports in virtual reality, arrives in the Grenoble conurbation. The French start-up thus opens, this Monday, December 12, 2022, its first room in Isère – the second in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes -, more precisely in Fontaine.

The players are all equipped with a virtual reality helmet, a computer in their backpack and a connected shotgun. © EVA

If esport matters today more and more followers, the discipline is still struggling to be recognized as a real sport, due to the sedentary lifestyle associated with the practice. Hence the concept proposed by EVA, which combines video games and real physical exertion, with its technology called ” free roaming “.

Free-moving team matches in a 500 m² arena

Equipped with a VR (virtual reality) headset, a computer in a backpack and a connected pump-action shotgun, the players compete in this way by moving freely within a 500 m² arena, “ immersed in a futuristic and new world for duels, action, strategy “. The idea is to ” get into a video game “, explains the company.

Esport: EVA, new virtual reality room in Fontaine

Gamers compete in team matches by moving freely in a 500 m² arena. © EVA

In the new 800 m² complex in Fontaine, the gamers will challenge each other in teams (up to 10 simultaneous players) on exclusive games developed by the brand. Three FPS (shooting games) of your choice: After‑H Zombies, After‑H Legend of Mars and especially After‑H Battle ArenaEVA’s flagship game, which required three years of development and offers fights in a post-apocalyptic universe.

After-H Battle Arena, the brand’s flagship game and one of the three FPS (shooting games) offered by EVA in its virtual reality sports halls. © EVA

All our arenas are equipped with a device to follow the games in progress and the competitions organized », Specifies the start-up. In a highly competitive industry – already several VR rooms in Grenoble, but also in Seyssins -, EVA relies on its ” innovative concept to continue its expansion in France, where it is aiming for 100 theaters by 2025, as well as internationally. In terms of prices, the 40-minute session costs 19 euros per person.

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Esport: EVA, a new virtual reality room opens in the Grenoble conurbation, in Fontaine

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