Early feedback on the PlayStation VR2 is incredibly glowing

Several media were able to try the PlayStation VR2 a few months before its launch. These first returns on the virtual reality helmet of the PS5 are dithyrambic.

the PlayStation VR2which will allow owners of the PS5 to embark on virtual reality, is not not expected before 2023. We do not know its price or its exact release date. While waiting to say more about the marketing of its headphones, Sony has invited certain media to a first grip, the opportunity for the public to discover very, very positive opinions.

The PlayStation VR2 makes me fall in love with VR all over again », Title Matt Leone in his preview published on September 14 on polygon. He begins by highlighting the incredible graphic quality: “ Looks like normal AAA games, but now running in virtual reality. » Apparently, the exclusivity Horizon Call of the Mountain made a strong impression on the journalists present at the event. ” There’s always a clear separation between a VR game and a non-VR game when it comes to graphics — there’s the level of richness, detail, and polish that separates the two. Horizon Call of the Mountain blurs that separation on the PS VR2 », argues GameSpot.

Horizon Call of the Mountain. // Source: Sony

The PlayStation VR2 is already seducing

Is the PlayStation VR2 comfortable? Yes. Because it has the good idea to rest on the very solid foundations of its predecessor, while improving several points (dedicated joysticks, wheel to quickly adjust the interpupillary distance). ” The PS VR2 is lighter than I thought it would be and it’s also very comfortable. Once worn, it is easily forgotten “, noted Eurogamer, which highlights the fact that the headphones only need a single USB-C cable to work. On the previous generation, the installation was much more tedious, even discouraging.

Eurogamer, too, underlines the graphic evolution: Seeing the visual gap between PS VR and PS VR2 brings us back to memories of switching to high definition PS3 gaming after spending so many years playing standard definition PS2. The comparison is quite telling and really makes you want to try the helmet. On the first PlayStation VR, one could easily criticize the devaluing graphic rendering, which curbed the immersive potential. And, for example, we can’t wait to dive back into Resident Evil Villagea game that relies on its horrific atmosphere, in virtual reality.

It’s hard not to like what Sony shows us

POLYGON, ON 09/14/22

The PlayStation VR2 Sense controllers are also a good argument for the accessory. Polygon compares them to those supplied with Meta’s Quest 2: They work well and offer a nice evolution, but they will be familiar to those who have already tried other helmets. The media evokes ergonomics here, because the PS VR2 Sense have several advantages to assert, inherited from the DualSense. We thus find haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, which make the experience ever more natural thanks to more precise sensations.

The PlayStation VR2 has another secret: it can vibrate based on what’s happening on the screen. Here again, the goal is to reinforce immersion with support for real-time action, materialized by jolts. On this feature, the Eurogamer journalist is a little more divided: ” I think this specificity might take the feel too far for some users, and be too intrusive for veterans, but I liked the feel as well. At worst, we can deactivate it.

In terms of hardware, it’s hard not to like what Sony shows us “Concludes Polygon, who nevertheless wonders about one point: will there be outstanding games that will really exploit it?

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Early feedback on the PlayStation VR2 is incredibly glowing

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