E-health. Beo Healthcare (29) is developing Alix, a virtual physio coach to boost physical activity

Trendy entrepreneur, Sophie Deniel undertakes according to the changing needs of society. After the creation of bookBeo in 2008, a company specializing in virtual reality and artificial intelligence, Finistère created Beo Healthcare in 2020 to develop solutions dedicated to e-health. The Alix program was born from these experiments. This is a virtual physio coach that promotes daily physical activity.

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Selected as part of a European telemedicine project, the Finistère company bookBeo has developed a respiratory tele-rehabilitation application marketed to healthcare professionals. On the strength of this experience, the Finistère company could not stop there and decided to broaden its field of knowledge to the general public by creating Alix, for Artificial Living Intelligence Xperience, a personal virtual physio-coach which allows people to be reconnected to their body and their health.

By contributing to this European research project on chronic diseases and telerehabilitation applications, I realized that the health and wellness markets urgently need digital solutions to improve the quality of life, explains Sophie Deniel. “Born from our research and development in the field of E-health, the new Alix algorithm generates physical exercises adapted according to the profile of the user and his or her pathologies.“, adds the founder of the startup Beo Helthcare, a subsidiary of her first company bookBeo.

From biometric sensors

Encouraged by recent lockdowns, sports practice at home has since become common practice, promoting the adoption of virtual coaching. “Alix is ​​available on any type of smartphone, tablet or connected glasses (IOS and Android). It works with a wide range of biometric sensors (ring, watch, t-shirt), focused on heart rate, sleep quality, physiological data“, explains the manager. These continuous readings make it possible to offer personalized exercises adapted to the needs and abilities of each user.

Addressed to the general public, the application meets five major health objectives which are well-being, prevention of sleep disorders, muscle and joint pain, respiratory disorders and fitness, especially weight. “We work hand in hand with healthcare professionals, particularly surgeons, who are already convinced of the benefits of the Alix solution.“, specifies Sophie Deniel.

On the financing side, Beo Healthcare has chosen crowdfunding to initiate the development of this new solution. The Finistère company has chosen the MyOptions platform from Rennes to collect 600,000 euros, in equity. Secondly, we will appeal to foreign investment funds which have already shown significant signs of interest“, underlines the founder.

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E-health. Beo Healthcare (29) is developing Alix, a virtual physio coach to boost physical activity

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