Designer Lola Bourasseau invents a device to wait at the airport using virtual reality

Lola Bourasseau is a young designer who graduated from the Nantes School of Design.

During her research project, Lola Bourasseau recorded that airports counted -70% attendance in 2020, which is a historically low rate and has not been reached since 1999. The restriction of travel and the closing of borders due to the epidemic, have obviously complicated the development of this project, however, waiting in airports is a realistic and accessible subject. It deserved to look into it, because it is a subject very little studied and very little worked on in the field of space or design.

80% of travelers wait 1 to 2 hours and… get lost once they arrive at their destination.

By listening to the needs of users, two important figures emerged which were that 80% of travelers say they wait at the airport on average 1 to 2 hours and in addition, 85% feel lost once they arrive at destination. From this various research, Lola Bourasseau was able to draw the following problem: how to take advantage of waiting time in airports, in order to better know the future destination of travelers. The young designer brought a positioning to it by creating a multi-sensory digital device, which will inform the tourist traveler, during his wait at the airport, on rich elements and adapted to the discovery of his destination.

Three possible sensory experiences

This installation offers three sensory experiences. The first is a tactile experience on a tablet, which will allow travelers to access personalized information according to their needs, their desires and the dates for their future trip. The second is a sound device experience with speakers that will use different sounds and testimonials about the destination and that can be enriched by the traveler himself. Finally, the last is a visual experience thanks to virtual reality headsets, which will immerse the traveler in his future destination, for total immersion. The different elements of the installation make the experience memorable. This lung of information is just waiting to be discovered by travellers. This project responds to the question of innovation, but prioritizes the needs of users. Its advantage is to create a link between travelers through design. Indeed, the installation is equipped with a luminous device which warns on the destination and which allows for those who wish it, to exchange between them. This device was initially designed for all types of airport travelers. But we could notably find it on a larger scale in other transitional spaces such as stations. Its development would take place in two key stages. User tests in the field to confirm the different devices. And the contact of funders for an economic model in the form of funding shared between French airports and destination cities.

About Lola Bourasseau, Designer:

Following a year of common core design, Lola decided to join the scenography course in which she was able to learn about many areas of space. Then, following these two years, she joined the school’s master’s in media design in order to deepen the aspect of mediation and communication. Thus, it is retail that caught her attention and in which she flourishes today. She joined the Cross agency in Paris specializing in retail and merchandising for her end-of-studies internship to evolve as a junior retail designer. More information on his site.

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Designer Lola Bourasseau invents a device to wait at the airport using virtual reality

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