Dentaire365 – ADF/Dentsply Sirona thesis prize 2022: four winners on “topics that really drive change”

Each year, the ADF is an opportunity to reward the most innovative professionals in the sector. The IFRO took advantage of the congress to announce the four winners of its 2023 call for projects, while the 25th ADF/Dentsply Sirona thesis prize rewarded four young thesis on “themes that really drive change, transformation with virtual reality, digital, 3D, and the link between oral health and health in general “. Their names: Raphaël Richert (Research), Amélie Sarbacher (Second Prize in Research) Sarah Bendjama (Scientific subjects, clinical and/or medical cases or situations of interest) and Jordan Quertainmont (Cultural/general interest). A reward of 5,000 euros was divided between them.

This year, 65 nominations were submitted. “We are having more and more difficulty in deciding between the candidates and this since well before the holding of the final jury, from the first selections”, declared by Jean Valcarcel, President of the jury and Dean of the Faculty of Odontology of Montpellier. He made the pre-selection with Xavier Struillou, Scientific Director of the 2022 ADF Congress. “difficulties in decision-making and selection (…) reflect the excellence and scientific commitment of the students, the training in our faculties and beyond the scientific implosion experienced by our profession and discipline of Dentistry. It is also an opportunity to say again and again that from year to year, apart from the qualitative criterion of the work presented, the subjects proposed are more and more innovative, sometimes surprising with candidates who, in the proportion of 1 out of 3, have already garnered if not a prize, a communication and or an often international publication to promote their work”.

Finally, five candidates were selected in Research, six in Scientific and three in Cultural/general interest. They presented their work during the ADF, in front of a jury including Martine Bonnaure-Mallet (Research), Sébastien Felenc (Digital-Prosthesis), Didier Griffiths (ErgonomicsProfessional environment), Cédric Mauprivez (Periodontology-Surgery), Maryline Minoux (Conservative dentistry -Endodontics), Michele Muller Bolla (Pediatric dentistry) and Patrick Simonet (ProsthesisImplantology).

Two prizes in the “Research” category

After deliberations, four theses were selected. In the “Research” category, the first prize was awarded to Raphaël Richert of the UFR d’Odontologie de Lyon for his work on “the biomechanical analysis of the dilapidated premolar, interest of finite elements” under the direction of Dr Maxime Ducret. “This exceptional work carried out in partnership with the laboratories of the INSA national institute of applied sciences in Lyon, has enabled the development of semi-automatic finite element modeling tools to better understand the risks of dental fracture of premolars reconstructed with posts and with the in vivo objective of an application to clinical decision-making”compliments Jean Valcarcel.

This distinction will allow Raphaël Richert to present his work at the annual meeting of the American Association for Dental, Oral and Craniofacial Research (AADOCR) in Portland, Oregon (United States), from March 15 to 28, 2023.

In this same category, the second prize was awarded to Amélie Sarbacher from the UFR d’Odontologie de Strasbourg for “her research work on the evaluation of different risk scores in the prevention of peri-implant diseases: analysis of a study long-term cohort clinic”.

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Concerning the “scientific subjects, cases or clinical and/or medical situations of interest”, it was Sarah Bendjama from the UFR of Odontology of Strasbourg who was distinguished for “her work in matching clinical signs in terms of of hypo-oligodontia and the genetic signature”. According to the jury, her thesis, conducted under the supervision of Dr Agnès Bloch-Zupan, opens “the way to a predictive genetic odontology which will allow tomorrow to specify the genetic signature with regard to dental status and at the dawn of artificial intelligence to make the link between various rare diseases and their oral expressions, even punctual or minimal”.

Jordan Quertainmont, from the UFR of odontology in Lille, wins in the field of “subjects of human sciences, cultural or related to the environment or the professional context”. The jury praised the work (carried out under the direction of Dr Thomas Marquillier) “exciting on the Educadenfant tool, a therapeutic education program for children with early caries and those around them with a report within the department of the University Hospital of Lille”. “This subject demonstrates the advantage of a therapeutic education tool on caries prevention with progressions at all levels and the possibility of extending this experience in a liberal environment and in transdisciplinary collaboration with other oral actors. like speech therapists. »

Every year, this thesis prize opens in April for young practitioners who have just defended their doctoral thesis in dental surgery. But all doctoral students can already submit their application to the ADF for the future 2023 prize by e-mail to

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Dentaire365 – ADF/Dentsply Sirona thesis prize 2022: four winners on “topics that really drive change”

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