Crari or not and To like or not to like: the diptych of Émilie Anna Maillet

This diptych is a digital and theatrical narrative. The different experiences and digital installations through which the story unfolds, allow us to capture and experience the sensations of adolescents constantly confronted with their vital need for virtual and real social existence among their peers.

This transmedia project immerses the viewer in the virtual and real world of teenagers, before, during and after a party: immersion in their group of friends on Instagram, subjective experience in VR of the party supplemented by various mobile digital installations, finally diving in their internal conflicts during the indoor show. Each proposal is independent. They complement each other.

Émilie Anna Maillet immerses us, through a digital and theatrical narrative, in the virtual and real life of a group of teenagers before, during and after a party. A transmedia project consisting of a play and a journey of digital installations with performance in virtual reality. An immersion in the universe of adolescents, confronted with social representation and social networks. Dizzy.

“Crari or not”, to show off or not to show off. It is starting from the universe and the tools of adolescents that the director builds an “augmented” story reflecting the permanent coexistence of the real and the virtual among adolescents. The company offers a sensitive stroll through digital installations; a discovery of the characters and a dive into the evening where everything will change. Social networks (digital creation of 11 profiles), video presenting the Instagram universe of the characters, playful and literary MCQ allowing you to identify with one of them, or even a special Photo booth applying filters… so many digital modules for create a journey to meet the characters. Come and put on a virtual reality headset to experience the evening through the eyes of one or more young people.

After the journey of digital installations, we find the “real” teenagers in the theater, the day after the evening which, apparently, went wrong. The ten characters seem to have flirted, danced, made mistakes: Anaïs, victim of bashing, Gabriel bogged down in his lies… The show opens with a thread of comments posted on Instagram which reveals the violence of the relationships they maintain under the surface. Everyone will struggle with the revelations that were made the day before, and will try to regain the upper hand in this reality where everything is amplified by social networks and their perpetual notifications. On stage, intimacy is expressed without filter. However, in their emotions, virtual and real merge.

To like or not to like
Farid Benchoubane,
Pierrick Grillet,
Cecile Leclerc,
Romeo Mariani,
Jeanne Guittet

Crari or not
with ERACM’s Ensemble 29 for VR and Instagram films
Athéna Amara, Aurélien Baré, Éloïse Bloch, Antoine Bugaut, César Caire, Marie Champion, Alexandre Diot-Rcheou, Camille Dordoigne, Joseph Lemarignier, Charlotte Léonhart, Auréline Paris

conception, writing, production and staging
Emilie Anna Maillet

dramaturgy and literary research assistant
Marion Suzanne

stage assistant
Clarisse Sellier

Brawl “dancing alone (is not enough)”

Clarisse Sellier and Marion Suzanne

Benjamin Gabrie and Emilie Anna Maillet

fx videographer and Photomatlontl developer
Maxime Lethelier

general manager and lighting designer
Laurent Beucher

chief operator and vr colorist
Noah Merckle

VR consultant

VR editing
Arthur Chrisp

sound editing
Thibault Noirot

Sound engineer
Hippolyte LeBlanc

VR development
Sylvain Hayot

musical creation
Thibaut Haas “cowardly blue”

makeup artist wig maker
Noah Quilichini

Emilie Anna Maillet – Clarisse Sellier

production assistant
Rose Arnold

instagram graphics
Sarah Williamson

literary research
Marion Suzanne

instagram dramaturgy
Émilie Anna Maillet – Marion Suzanne – Clarisse Sellier – Charlotte Issaly – Arthur Chrisp – Lena Garrel

Instagram production and editing
Alexandre Locatelli – Arthur Chrisp – Charlotte Issaly – Noé Mercklé

digital development
Antoine Messonier and Faouzi Ben Zaied

3d graphics filters
Adrien Gentiles

tour management
Pauline Beaudoux and Marinette Buchy

video intern and video editor
Alexis Cohen

production administration
Nathalie Untersinger

Production: Ex Voto à la lune with the support of the DRAC Ile-de-France and the Ile-de-France Region, the CNC as part of XN development aid, Support Fund for digital artistic creation — Funds [SCAN] with the support of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region

Co-production MC2 – National Stage of Grenoble | LUX – National Stage of Valencia | New Generation Theater – CDN Lyon | Le Grand R – National Stage of La Roche sur Yon | Théâtre Quartier D’Ivry – CDN du-Val-de-Marne | ERACM – regional school for actors in Cannes and Marseille

Support: the Integration Fund for Young Dramatic Artists, DRAC and Région SUD, Writing residency at Lilas en Scène, residency in schools — artistic partnership – Ile de France Region, and DRAC Ile de France — at the VOLTAIRE school complex – Paris 11, residency at the ERACM at the Friche de la Belle de Mai

Acknowledgment: Etienne LAMOTTE – teacher — and the Second 7 class of Lycée Voltaire – Paris 11.

January 19, 20, 21, 2023 — Chronicles Festival — Friche de la Belle de Mai Marseille

from January 31 to February 3, 2023 — MC2 – SN Grenoble

March 2, 2023 – Grand R – SN La Roche sur Yon

March 19 – CDA – Enghien les Bains

March 30 and 31 – Wasteland of the Belle de Mai — Marseille

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Crari or not and To like or not to like: the diptych of Émilie Anna Maillet

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