Corporate metavers: Meta wants to boost business in 2023

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Backed by a study on the theme of the future of work, Meta (ex-Facebook) is pushing for the use of virtual reality technologies in business, including in the HR department. It remains to be convinced of their relevance on a large scale.

Meta 2023 report on the Future of Work special metaverse – © DR

the corporate metaverse will it break through in 2023? Meta (ex-Facebook) sees immersive 3D environments as a trend that will redesign the workplace.

Against the background of an exploratory study on the theme future of work*, Mark Zuckerberg’s group draws up 4 metaverse predictions for 2023.

We can consider these bets as daring in terms of innovation…or out of step with the real professional uses of digital tools in business. Between outlook and foresight from Metathere is a wide margin of appreciation in this area.

The metaverse will facilitate digital inclusion

“With one-third of employees working remotely, companies will need to redefine how they think about community and inclusion,” according to Brynn Harrington, VP, People Experience, at Meta.

  • 69% of workers and managers say they are interested in “more immersive and engaging” meetings.
  • 66% of them think that the metaverse will succeed in reproducing this feeling of collective adhesion (“togetherness”) that one feels in the office.

In the current state, professional practices would hardly be conclusive on this dimension of “experience the meetings as if we were there”. According to Meta’s study, remote work experiences prove disappointing:

  • 19% of employees surveyed say that remote videoconferencing sessions allow you to meet in an atmosphere similar to that experienced face-to-face.
  • 15% mention better collaboration with colleagues.

The deployment of virtual reality headsets will become a business priority

To meet team demands, companies will start investing in virtual reality headsets rather than new laptop models. Ryan Cairns, VP of MetaWorks.

Given the strategic direction Meta is taking in virtual reality technologies, it’s little wonder that Mark Zuckerberg’s group is tempted to favor its products, starting with its Meta line of VR goggles and related gear. Quest which meets both general public and professional uses.

According to the study:

  • 60% of employees want access to VR headsets by 2024 as part of their work environment,
  • 62% also want to live VR experiences within 3D virtual environments through collaborative avatars. Business leaders seem to have a growing interest in this type of technology.

According to the study,

  • 15% of them have already dedicated their technology investment budget to virtual reality and augmented reality.
  • 80% agree that they will get started by 2024.

Relays will accelerate the integration of the metaverse in organizations

“If Meta’s vision comes to fruition, it will foster endless productivity and generate benefits in terms of collaboration with the various digital ecosystems and their platforms,” ​​according to Ash Jhaveri, VP, Reality Labs Partnerships Meta – VP Business Development, Meta.

The California-based tech company has already moved forward with an ecosystem of technology partners on the metaverse like productivity software from Microsoft (including Teams) and Accenture.

The objective is to multiply the gateways with the most popular business software to promote the integration of VR uses in organizations.

The corporate metaverse will be a lever of differentiation vis-à-vis the competition

“Companies that don’t think about the metaverse right now will start to fall behind competitively,” according to Christine Trodella, VP, Reality Labs Sales.

  • 64% of business leaders surveyed say they feel behind their competitors in exploring the metaverse;
  • 54% of them believe that immersive technologies will increase employee engagement and promote business collaboration;
  • 59% of them even perceive the metaverse as a lever for saving commercial costs.
  • 53% say these technologies will improve employees’ work-life balance.

Metavers and HR uses: applications will multiply after POCs

In the beginnings of uses in the metaverse, the connection with HR services is underlined to develop:

  • corporate culture,
  • learning,
  • onboarding,
  • Training.

72% of business leaders expect metaverses to enable them to hire talent from around the world.

Meta Report Methodology: Future of Work 2023

• study conducted by Coleman Parkes Research;
• sample of 2,000 employees and 400 managers between the United States and the United Kingdom;
• survey conducted between October and November 2022.
• Meta report available for download (PDF).

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Corporate metavers: Meta wants to boost business in 2023

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