Concerts in the metaverse revolutionize the show of artists

A decade ago, no planner would have thought of hosting gigs in the metaverse. Even just holding virtual events seemed utopian. Yet today, technology is increasingly thinning the barrier between the real and the digital. With Covid-19, its acceleration happened very quickly. From now on, the public interacts via avatars, without moving from one physical place to another.

However, the concept of concerts in the metaverse is not yet as popular as trade shows or sales-exhibitions. People are just starting to learn about AR/VR. Planners prefer to immerse themselves in this technology step by step at the risk of upsetting their audience. Without forgetting the fact that novelty is often synonymous with challenges. Better to move slowly, but surely. Discover new possibilities to explore in the future!

Concerts in the metaverse, not to be confused with hologram!

The principle is sometimes confusing, yet the concerts in the metaverse are absolutely different from those in hologram. When the show takes place in the metaverse, neither the public nor the artist are actually present in a given place. The artist’s avatar performance is projected onto a virtual stage in virtual reality. Everything is synchronized with pre-recorded music.

On the other hand, a hologram concert is a live musical performance that takes place in the “real” or physical world. There is a use of lasers to project a 3D hologram of an artist onto a glass panel. This is often used to honor departed artists. For example, in 2012, a Tupac Shakur hologram performed at Coachella Festival even though Tupac had been dead for almost a decade.

Why is the concept so popular?

Gigs in the metaverse have more than one advantage to their account. Although nothing beats the sound of the mad crowd in a full house, virtual reality offers several interaction alternatives. This was the case during the virtual fan party of the K-pop star: AleXa. The star asked the 1,450 people in attendance to wave their glow sticks, as is customary at Kpop concerts. We must admit that the result was amazing.

The most important in the concerts in the metaverse is to keep it human of the show. Doing this requires relying on the magic of a crowd, concepts drawn from real-world events, and unique experiences that do not depend on the laws of physics and gravity. AR/VR offers incredible opportunities.

metaverse gigs

These breakthrough technologies break down barriers. It is not intended to replace live performances. The opportunity is to provide a deeper and different kind of interaction. Some options even exceed what is possible in the real world.

Let’s also remember that, even without COVID, it is still difficult to bring people together in the same place and at the same time. There are logistical considerations, such as finances and accessibility. Not everyone is physically able to travel to real world events. So many aspects are a hindrance for people who might be avid fans.

The magic of technology is in the way it allows artists to connect with audiences in a way that transcends time and space. Thus, they can collect people around the world without notice thanks to the concerts in the metaverse.

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Concerts in the metaverse revolutionize the show of artists

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