Community manager training must change in 2023

the community management has evolved enormously in just a few years of existence. the community manager job emerged in France around 2009, but the formations did not appear until a few years later.

In the CM FAQslet’s see the reasons why it becomes important to take a specialized course in the spheres of community management. Today we are moving more and more towards a community management of experts in my opinion, because the skills of the community manager are not expandable. It is very likely that with future technological developments and various constraints, the role will be divided.

2023 should mark change on many topics and anticipate future technologies for community management training.

Community manager training in 2023: that must change!

Follow a community manager training in 2023 will involve completing one’s apprenticeship course with one or two specializations, in order to meet the growing needs of companies. The era of the 5-legged sheep must eventually disappear in favor of a community manager with expertise in one or more specific areas.

It will be essential to follow a community manager training if you want address specificities, in order to be specialized. The specializations to aim for will revolve around moderation, writing value-added content such as storytelling, copywritingthe contents SEO etc

1. Specialized writing: SEO, copywriting, storytelling

Certainly the community manager does not do SEO at the base, but if he specializes in promising axes, he will have the possibility of building up his skills in areas sought after by companies. For other types of content, we can highlight B2B needs with copywriting and for brands wishing to improve their image and reputation in terms of storytelling.

These content-related universes require a good knowledge of many rules and can thus be part of a community management with added value for companies.

2. Video content and emerging networks

video content progresses and with that the need for skills in video and photo editing, if one wants a professional job. Taking the time necessary to develop certain modules to develop new skills will very quickly prove to be essential. In addition, it will be necessary to deepen your knowledge of the social networks that use it, and in particular TikTok.

We imagine to new niche social networks emerge, as BeReal where naturalness and authenticity will quickly become standards and reference values. It will therefore be necessary to train there, to approach content that promotes authenticity and to develop its strategy accordingly.

3. Metaverse and virtual and augmented reality: what will change

Moderation, e-commerce and community management will undoubtedly be new practices within metaverses. It will be necessary to plan and prepare for understand future changes and introduce them into course in community management. If these subjects are still new, addressing them and raising awareness about the change will already be an interesting first point.

The Metavers

Moderation will take a new turn with the Metaversebecause we will talk more about moderation of behavior more than content. It is clear that it will be necessary to go beyond respect for the rules and

Within the metaverses we can underline the new forms of e-commerce, community animation etc. Here again, there will be a lot to do in terms of community manager training, in order to meet the future needs of companies. It will no longer be a question of a community manager training but either of several courses, or of a common core with the possibility of follow specific modules.

4. Virtual reality and augmented reality

Virtual and augmented realities are already well advanced. At this stage it will be important to be visionary and to understand what could change in relationship with consumers and in the management and animation of communities. Virtual reality is integrated into metaverses but it can also be used in many sectors.

For the community manager, it is the community aspect and the rapprochement with it that will have to be glimpsed through this technology. Augmented reality will develop new services related to mobile phones and should be of interest to all sectors of sales, rental, e-commerce etc.

5. Customer relationship

It will probably be necessary to develop a community management of customer relations, when we talk about customer contact through social networks and messaging in particular. This is an essential axis when working on the image and its notoriety, and all the more so when the customers are users of these channels on a daily basis.

Customer relations in community management in 2023

6. Environmental issues and CSR

The involvement of companies in CSR and various environmental issues are matters to consider. They should be introduced to raise awareness and train in the right actions to meet this growing need.

We can also talk about communication around these subjects to know how to approach them, how to introduce them into its actions, content, etc.

Upcoming changes in community management for centers

Changes to come or to bring about, training centers will have to stick more and more to the reality and expectations of companies. Social networks are evolving, visibility is more and more difficult to acquire given the tougher competition, and many technological changes are on the doorstep.

To this we add subjects related to the environment, CSR and the need to communicate differently, with real background expertise.

evolution of community manager training

Community management training will therefore be reviewed this year and for years to come. The idea being to address the subjects, to raise awareness and of course to train on the axes mentioned above. It is not for the community manager to fall into the obsolescence of his skills, but to bring some to another level or learn a particular universe.

If the classic courses in community management will remain in place, they will have to be seen more as common trunks or fundamentals of the CM profession. This will thus lead to the follow-up of various modules to perfect one’s role, while seeking one or more strong areas of expertise.


Beyond all that, we can put in the background the very principle of forming which operates its transition to coaching or support. No trainer holds the absolute formula, it is a question of accompanying each learner to identify the needs of a company and to model his own methodologies in order to obtain the same result.

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Community manager training must change in 2023

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