Clear series by Scott Snyder and Francis Manapul announced at Delcourt for March 2023 |

There are continuations, and there are novelties. The publishing program Delcourt for the start of the year is gradually becoming clearer on the horizon, with a few sequels to major series (like Reckless: That Ghost in You), and some launches. After having already bid on the series Nocterra of Scott Snyder and Tony Danielthe brand is tackling Clearanother project by the star screenwriter accompanied this time by the artist Francis Manapul designs and colors.

Always the future, but not the same

In this comic book openly anchored in the codes of cyberpunk science fiction, humanity patiently awaits the apocalypse while refusing to face reality. And this in the very literal sense, since Clear develops the idea according to which the corporations of high technology would have ended up developing filters capable of masking reality from the eyes of consumers. Think for example of Instagram, Snapchat or Zoom filters that distort your features, give you a dog face, make your background appear false to the point that your colleagues have the impression that you are on vacation at the seaside. .. this kind of things.

By applying this principle, and coupling it to a dish on virtual reality (remember, Google Glasses, etc.), Scott Snyder imagine a world in which humans have given up all hope to the point of docilely accepting a permanent filter capable of making reality more pleasant.

Some see the world as a cartoon, others see it as an eighties movie, others as a forest world, etc. The technology of “Vigil“spread at breakneck speed after the defeat of the United States against the dictatorships of China and Russia, and the whole country is now evolving in a social collapse at the blade runner. The hero, a private detective by the name of Sam Dunes (without “s” in VF, apparently), has the mission of tracking down Veils illegal. Reality filters that would not be authorized by the corporations, or would represent a danger in what they present of the real. And the hero, obviously very anchored in reality, tired of life since a personal family drama, refuses on his side to activate his Veils to prefer to see the world as it is.

“It became possible to tailor reality to our own preferences (steampunk, porn, medieval, etc.), while the world remained static. Wonderful, right? Not really… SAM DUNE, a former cop turned detective private, investigating a suicide. Dune lives in CLEAR mode, without any filters. He sees the world as it really is. The victim is his ex-wife, and there was nothing suicidal about her…”

Published in the United States by Comixologyseries Clear set to make its debut at Dark Horse in physical format at the start of the year. In short, for those who would prefer to read on paper, it will not be necessary to turn to the VO to be up to date on this latest find of the friend Snyder. Release announced for March 29, 2023 at a price of 16 euros 50 for 160 pages.

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Clear series by Scott Snyder and Francis Manapul announced at Delcourt for March 2023 |

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