Chrono Cross: the radical dreamer edition, our test of the long-awaited game on Nintendo Switch

By Cécile D. Published on May 20, 2022 at 7:46 p.m.

This is one of the games that marked the 2000s: Chrono Cross is back on our consoles, with Chrono Cross: the radical dreamer edition, a high definition remaster unveiled more than 20 years later, to be discovered on Nintendo Switch at from April 7, 2022.

This game marked a whole generation of players, and it is making a comeback on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PS4 : Chrono Cross: the radical dreamer edition was released on April 7, 2022 in France. This edition invites us to (re)discover the history of Chrono Cross in HD, and to enjoy the game as well “RADICAL DREAMERS – The Forbidden Treasure –“, which inspired this incredible story!

If you don’t know this game that made the success of Square-Enix on PS1, here is the synopsis: Serge wake up one day in a parallel world, very similar to his. A world with a disturbing reality, if not for one detail: in this universe, Serge has been dead for 10 years… The young man will then try to understand the tragedy that took place many years ago. , and above all, he will try to find out why, in his world, he survived. His investigation leads him to border between universeswhich turns out to be quite fine.

This game is a RPG which plays with alternate history, the rules of space and time. The plot unfolds little by little, always leaving the player spellbound, curious to know more about this seemingly idyllic universe. Chronocross allows us to recruit in our team not less than 40 characters. This remastered version also offers new features, including 3D models converted to HD, better sound quality, improved combat functions, filter options for scenery…

This game is worthy of the greatest science fiction and fantasy novels:storythe challenges, the surprises that enrich our experience allow us to live an exciting adventure. Getting started with the game can seem difficult: we are indeed dropped into the story without explanation, and the first tasks to be accomplished do not make much sense at first. Then, when we obtain the ability to navigate between parallel worlds, our epic takes on a new dimension.

We appreciate the great freedom that this game leaves us: the map is big, you can walk around it (almost) freely, and above all, our choices have consequences : there is indeed one ten ends different to unlock, depending on the story you choose to follow.

The fighting are turn-based and do not present any particular difficulty. The graphics have been greatly improved since 1999, but they remain however well below the standards of beauty that we can have nowadays, being accustomed to games like Breath of the wild Where Horizon Forbidden West. We nevertheless appreciate being able to walk around and admire this incredible universe, filled with waterfalls, beaches and jungles.

Caution: the quick save does not exist in this game, and you have to wait until you reach a save point to be able to leave the game without losing your progress. A negative point for those of us who can’t immerse ourselves for hours in a game. We still love the possibility of discovering the video game novel Radical Dreamers – The Forbidden Treasure –which extends our gaming experience.

For many French players, this remastered edition is also the opportunity to discover for the first time this game which has been so successful abroad. Indeed, the first version of the game was never sold in Europe.

With his reasonable pricewe advise you to test Chrono Cross: the radical dreamer edition, a game that could well become a classic of the kind.

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Chrono Cross: the radical dreamer edition, our test of the long-awaited game on Nintendo Switch

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