Christmas 2022: Our gift ideas for VR headsets and accessories

We have just entered the month of December and it may be time to think about the gifts you are going to give to your loved ones. Lack of inspiration? If you want to make a VR Christmas gift to yourself or one of your loved ones, this file is made for you! From the latest generation VR headset to the essential accessory that will please, we have tried to select a few ideas for you. !

A VR headset for Christmas

Regarding virtual reality headsets, they fall into two categories: standalone headsets that require nothing more than the headset to be able to play and PC VR headsets. In this second case, it is necessary to have a “gamer” type PC to be able to operate the headset. The first option is the best if you are unsure of the PC capabilities of the person you want to give the gift to.

Four standalone VR headsets stand out this year :

  • Helmet Meta Quest 2, undisputed market leader which has very good specificities and above all, a large quantity of games and applications. Two versions are on sale, 128GB (399€) and 256GB (449€), knowing that the first option is more than enough for most players. A “Black Friday” offer is still in progress but could quickly run out. It offers the helmet with 2 very good games offered. The Meta Quest 2 is available at Baker, Amazon Where Cdiscount.
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  • Helmet pic 4 has only been available for a few weeks. Little known to the general public, it is a brand from the same group as TikTok, with a solid base. The headset is technically better and smaller than the Quest 2. However, it currently has a smaller choice of games even though many new titles arrive every week. The Pico 4 is available on Amazon in version 128GB (429€) Where 256GB (499€) but is regularly out of stock.
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  • Helmet Meta Quest Pro came out recently too but does not play in the same court as the previous ones with a price of 1799€. A little expensive for a Christmas present and even, a little expensive altogether. It was developed for professional use (working, creating, collaborating) but it can also be used for entertainment. Its main interest is the possibility of playing in mixed reality in color. The Meta Quest Pro is available at Amazon, Baker Where Fnac.
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Another autonomous device, VR glasses HTC Vive Flow at 429€. Unlike the usual VR headsets, these eye-catching glasses have been designed for relaxation, well-being and entertainment. They work by being paired with a smartphone which can also act as a controller. Vive Flows are available at Fnac.

As for PC VR headsets, here are the ones we selected:

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  • Our top pick is headphones Valve Index (1079€ the complete kit). Again, the budget is quite substantial, but it is the safe bet of PC VR headsets with particularly advanced tracking technology, high-end headphones and controllers considered to be the best on the VR market. The Valve Index is available only on the Steam store. The site allows you to test if your PC is compatible.
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  • Then we can list the HTC Vive Pro 2 (1299€ the complete kit) which is based on the same tracking technology as the Valve Index. For many, it has the best screen among consumer VR headsets with a monster resolution of 4896 x 2448 pixels. The Vive Pro 2 is available at Fnac.

Accessories for Meta Quest 2

Now let’s move on to much smaller budgets with gift ideas for those who already own a VR headset. The Meta Quest 2 being by far the best-selling helmet, we therefore focused on the accessories concerning it. Here are some ideas of useful accessories that we recommend:

Give VR games

The last idea to please a loved one who already has a virtual reality headset is to offer him a VR game. The dematerialization of VR games preventing you from simply going to a store to buy it, it is still possible to please.

  • On PC VR, we recommend offering a Steam gift card. Various amounts are available, from €5 to €100. Once activated, it will allow to buy any game on the platform which is full of hundreds of VR games
  • For the Meta Quest 2, it is not possible to proceed in the same way since the gift cards do not exist. You will have to choose yourself the game you want to offer and use the option “Buy for a friend” on the card of this game. Example with the last game The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners Chapter 2. You will then receive a code to offer.

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Christmas 2022: Our gift ideas for VR headsets and accessories

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