Château-Gontier: a virtual reality cube for the hospital’s psychiatry department

It is in this room, where on Monday December 26, 2022, the members of the nursing staff, the management of the Château-Gontier hospital (Mayenne), the Lions Club and Rotary were grouped together that the virtual reality cube will be installed. . (©Haut Anjou)

It is a rather rare tool than the hospital psychiatric department of Chateau-Gontier (Mayenne) prepares to welcome. At spring 2023in a ward of the day hospital, will be installed a virtual reality cube to help in the treatment of several pathologies.

This machine, which costs around €52,000allows the treatment, by an adapted and unique care, of what can concern phobias, anxiety disorders, autistic disorders.

The nearest hospitals equipped with them are located at Towers (Indre et Loire) or near Rouen (Seine Maritime).

“Previously, in the case of an irrational fear, we put people in a situation directly. For example, for a patient who would be afraid to cross a bridge, we gradually led him to cross a real bridge. With this cube, we will virtually reproduce the environment or the situation that generates anxiety and bring the brain to function normally again, “explains the Dr. Kamal Djebbarpsychiatrist at the hospital center.

Thanks to this cube, designed and developed by a company named Imagine VRbased at Laval (Mayenne)it will be possible to immerse the patient in a three-dimensional situation.

“We will save time and capacity to take care of more patients”, assures Kamal Djebbar.

One mental health physician has been recruited to use these new techniques. He is arrived mid-December 2022 from Algeria.

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An evening to reduce the bill

To help finance this new instrument, the Rotary and the Lions Club of Château-Gontier have joined the Young Economic Chamber and the brotherhood of the calf to organize a cabaret evening.

It will take place Friday, March 31, 2023 at the Saint-Fiacre space. The ticket office is open at the price of 40 € per person.

For Reservesimply call 06 12 95 96 20 or send an email to [email protected]

It will be a real cabaret evening, with dinner. Entertainment will be provided by the 200 singers of the Coup de chœur association. They will create a specific show for this evening.

Lucien Aubertmember of the Chateau-Gontier Lions Club

“We want a quality public hospital. We agreed to participate in this project to make Château-Gontier the third city in France equipped with this cube,” says Helena Brousset Bonsergentmember of the Rotary club.

An asset to recruit

Mohammad Nuripresident of the medical-nursing committee of the establishment, is touched by the gesture of these associations:

“Symbolically, it is very important that everyone is involved in supporting the hospital. There is a lack of psychiatrists and, to attract them, this tool is one of the assets that we can acquire. »

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Château-Gontier: a virtual reality cube for the hospital’s psychiatry department

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