CES 2023: the most anticipated announcements at the new technologies fair

Numerama is in Las Vegas for CES 2023, the biggest annual event dedicated to high-tech. If the CES is above all a place of presentation for the big brands and a way for startups to make themselves known, it is also a formidable trend indicator.

Who will be the big winner CES 2023 ? the metaverse, the connected home, artificial intelligence or augmented reality? A few hours before the official opening of the largest show dedicated to new technologies on the planet, no one yet knows if a subject will succeed in establishing itself as the trendiest in 2023, or if this edition will not succeed in making an impression. .

After several years of covid-19, the CES should return to its splendor on January 5, 2023, even if several manufacturers are organizing events on the 3rd and 4th. Throughout the duration of the show, Numerama will be in Las Vegas to make you experience the living room as you were there. Our goal is to identify trends, decipher them and present you with fun little novelties, those that we are not used to seeing elsewhere. Our colleagues from Frandroidalso on site, will also tell you about the new products announced.

The connected home, our favorite for 2023

At the end of CES 2023, Numerama will offer you a review of the Las Vegas show (presumably two, one on the successes, the other on the flops). In the meantime, it is already possible to make initial predictions on the announcements of the year. Several words are on everyone’s lips, but all of them will probably not succeed in making everyone agree.

With Matter, all objects in a connected home can communicate with each other. // Source: Eve Energy
  • The connected home seems to us to be on track to win everything at CES 2023. Why? Because the launch of the Matter standard at the end of 2022 has the potential to revolutionize everything in this sector known for its complexity. Home automation, a niche topic a few months ago, is now universal. Any device can control any object, which opens the door to many scenarios. Our guess is that multiple Matter objects will be announced at CES, by big brands and small ones.
  • Virtual, mixed and augmented reality could be at the heart of the discussions at CES, while the whole sector awaits the arrival of Apple in the coming months. If Meta has already announced its headset, the Quest Pro (our test is coming to Numerama), we know that brands like HTC are preparing to unveil mixed reality products. It remains to be seen whether VR will remain an epiphenomenon in 2023, or whether it will really be everywhere this year.
  • artificial intelligence caused a lot of talk at the end of 2022 thanks to ChatGPT, the impressive OpenAI chatbot. Many analysts claim that AI will explode in 2023 thanks to many launches. Will the CES reveal this phenomenon? It is possible, even if it is not always easy to show the AI.
  • Improbable innovations are also expected, like every year at CES. More screens able to fold and roll up or really wacky health sensors (more on that later), one of the attractions at CES 2023 will be Displace, a brand that claims to have invented a wireless TV.
  • The metaverse is also on everyone’s lips. After a very powerful start in 2022, will the virtual world that some dream of still be of interest in 2023?
The Meta Quest Pro does not crush hair, but is heavy on the back of the head. // Source: Thomas Ancelle / Numerama
The Meta Quest Pro is the most sophisticated mixed reality headset on the market…yet. // Source: Thomas Ancelle / Numerama

The CES, the show for everything and anything

Finally, beyond the trends, Numerama will also present all the oddities that it will come across in the aisles of the show. CES is famous for its fun gadgets, why not? Obviously, the screens will also be in the spotlight. For several years, CES has become the place where major brands announce their new televisions. We should also come across some automotive innovations.

From Las Vegas and Paris, Numerama will offer you several articles and several videos on CES 2023. We also give you an appointment on social networks (Twitter, instagram, TikTok and Facebook) to discover the aisles of the show live and ask us questions.

Numerama is in Las Vegas for the CES 2023

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CES 2023: the most anticipated announcements at the new technologies fair

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