CES 2023: the 10 most bizarre and/or useless products from the Las Vegas Tech show

The 2023 edition of CES gave us its share of surprises. If electric cars and TVs were once again in the spotlight, other announcements surprised by their unusual, bizarre or useless side.

Because yes, among the hundreds of exhibitors present, some sometimes have eccentric ideas. We have therefore made a selection of 10 products, services or projects that left us wary.

BMW iVision Dee: the car that changes color


As futuristic as it is strange, the BMW iVision Dee (for Digital Emotional Experience) was one of the great attractions of CES 2023. More than a car, it is thought of as an intelligent road companion.

Apart from its body which changes color according to the desires (up to 32), the BMW iVision Dee displays a package of information on the windshield, in augmented reality.

This car of the future is a prototype aimed at exhibiting BMW’s technological advances. It gives an overview of the Neue Klasse, the brand’s new generation of electric cars which will be launched in 2025.

Withings U-Scan: home urine analysis

withings u-scan app

© Withings

This is the first tech product on which you can urinate without any problem. It is even recommended. The U-Scan is a very serious connected object developed by the French Withings.

In the shape of a pebble, it is placed in the toilet. Once installed, a series of sensors analyze the user’s urine. Two types of pebbles exist: one for menstrual monitoring of women, the other for nutritional and hydration analysis.

The U-Scan will be available in Europe in the second quarter of 2023 at the price of 500 euros.

Displace: a wireless TV

The Displace TV, the first wireless TV (6 hours of battery life) © Anh Phan

It is not clear what such a product could be used for, beyond the technical demonstration. The Displace is the world’s first wireless OLED TV.

To operate this baby of 9 kg and 55” diagonal, you need 4 batteries which offer a total autonomy of 180 hours of viewing. Each battery can work in turn which limits the weight of the beast.

Technically the Displace impresses. In addition to being portable it can be fixed on any wall. To do this, simply hold it down for 12 seconds. A patented air suction technology between the wall and the slab holds everything together.

Finally, the Displace is modular. Four models can be assembled to reach a diagonal of 280”. Its price: 3000 dollars. It is not yet known when it will be released.

LG MoodUp’: the disco fridge

lg mood up

© LG

In the useless genre, LG’s MoodUp’ refrigerator holds a good place for this CES 2023. Beyond the fact that it is connected, this fridge of another kind promises toambience your kitchen.

The particularity of this model is its modularity. It can be dressed in LED panels can change color from a choice of 41 shades. Everything can be controlled via the LG ThinkQ app. And since the fridge can also play music thanks to its integrated bluetooth speakers, the light panels are transformed into a play of light.

LG has yet to announce an availability date or price.

Ella: the stroller that walks baby alone

CES 2023 was also intended for parents of small babies. The Canadian start-up Glüxkind has unveiled Ella, the world’s first autonomous stroller.

Its operation is simple: thanks to its sensors and motors, it can move forward alone to walk baby. However, parents must always stand behind her, no question of going on the mop without supervision. We must therefore see Ella as a precious help during walks.

Thanks to its motors, it can indeed accompany parents on steep hills and slopes so as not to exceed the speed of 4 km/h and avoid racing. It also has a rocking-chair mode and speakers broadcasting white noise to help put baby to sleep. Small bonus: it can also carry up to 6 shopping bags.

She will be available at the price of 3,000 eurosin North America only to begin with.

LG Styler ShoeCare: the shoe cabinet for the “stinks of feet”

LG Styler ShoeCare

© LG

Kind of weird, the LG Styler ShoeCare is also pretty good. Already presented at the IFA in Berlin in 2022, this shoe cabinet stores and displays your shoes in style but not only.

Unlike the Styler ShoeCase which only exposes and rotates shoes, the ShoeCare Styler dries and deodorizes them. It takes him 35 to 57 minutes to do this, depending on the seriousness of the situation. Decibel level, cleaning is limited to 35 dB.

Through the LG ThinQ app, users can customize the lights emitted by the cabinet. Brands are considering partnerships with LG for custom versions of the Styler ShoeCare.

The prices and availability of these products are not known.

Blok: the cutting board with… a screen

blok connected cutting board

© Block

Do you like to cook? Gadgets for you also exist at CES 2023. And if you are just starting out, BLOK may be able to satisfy you. Or not. BLOK is a cutting board… connected.

Equipped with a touch screen, this board broadcasts recipes or cooking lessons to teach you how to let the Cyril Lignac in you flourish. How does BLOK work?

You choose a recipe or cutting technique to learn. You do your job, then you detach the screen and clean it. BLOK has not yet communicated the price of this gadget. To monetize its project, the company intends to offer a subscription to a service allowing access to cooking videos. It’s not like Youtube doesn’t exist…

NoWatch: the watch that doesn’t tell the time

nowatch these

© Nowatch

NoWatch had already been noticed in other shows for its “timeless” side. That’s the case to say. Because this connected watch promises to do everything except tell the time.

Devoid of a screen or hands, the watch has replaced the familiar dials with precious stones, elegant and made from ethically produced materials.

Jewel more than watch, the NoWatch can still track the physical activity of its wearer. For example, it has Philips’ electrodermal activity biosensing technology, which allows it to track changes in sweat rates.

Behind this absurd idea, Hylke Muntinga, CEO and founder of the start-up. “Five years ago, I lost six of my dear friends in one year, he explains. In these moments, we realize that life and death are so close. Then, two and a half years ago, I discovered that I was going blind from a rare disease called PXE. It reminded me not to get lost in distractions”. To take advantage of every second, he therefore created the Nowatch, the watch that does not count.

i-percut: the connected punching bag



If Rocky had known about i-percut, maybe he never would have met Mickey. More seriously, the i-percut company has developed an amazing connected punching bag.

To perform his training, the boxer must hit targets that light up when the boxer has to hit. Each user can choose the level of training intensity or the area of ​​the body to work. Because i-percut is not just for English boxing. French boxing, savate, karate, kick boxing etc. can also use it for training.

Sense 1 cottons: the connected collar for dogs

these collar connects dog

© Unsplash / Marliese Streefland

Our animal friends were also in the spotlight at CES 2023. The South Korean company CareSix has unveiled Cotons Sens 1, the first connected collar for dogs.

Behind this name hides a connected necklace, aimed at lengthen the life expectancy of your faithful companion. Discreet and lightweight, the collar is full of sensors to monitor your dog’s health, from his diet, to his physical activity, including his temperature, his heart rate, etc.

Cotons Sense 1 is also equipped with a GPS chip to track your dog. Handy with runaway dogs. For the moment CareSix has not announced a price for this unusual connected object, nor its date of availability.

So much for the 10 weird and/or useless gadgets from CES 2023. Of course, the living room is so big that we may not have seen everything. So if you’ve seen any crazy announcements, feel free to share them in the comments.

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CES 2023: the 10 most bizarre and/or useless products from the Las Vegas Tech show

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