Cercy-la-Tour – Treasures of Humanity within everyone’s reach

The Micro-Folies network, to which the Bazois Loire Morvan Community of Communes (CCBLM) has joined to allow everyone free and free access to artistic and historical culture, was presented to the elected representatives of the territory and to the inhabitants, recently, at the town hall of Cercy-la-Tour. Precisely in the wedding hall, t transformed, from September 17 to January 28 (1), into a space for multiple activities, accessible and welcoming.

What is Micro-Folies?

Didier Cornu, cultural development officer at the CCBLM, presented this digital device, initiated by La Villette and supported by the Ministry of Culture.

It is a digital museum bringing together the works of twelve national cultural establishments (2). An open door to the diversity of the treasures of Humanity: fine arts, architecture, scientific cultures, live shows… The device consists in discovering, through slide shows, interactive touch tablets and virtual reality helmets, six collections (national, Hauts-de-France, European Union, royal residences, Mexico City and Quebec) made available by museums.

Many videos are offered in the form of micro-conferences, to approach the history of art in a playful and educational way; the tablets allow individuals to interact with a particular work, to deepen their knowledge of it or to zoom in on a photo to view its details. Partners in particular of Arte and National Geographic, the Micro-Folies also make it possible to broadcast documentaries.

By creating a free account (it is also possible to insert documents, files or playlists that can be broadcast by this device.

Slideshows, interactive tablets, virtual reality headset, FabLab

In “lecturer” mode or in “free program” mode, it is possible to use the Micro-Folies as part of a school program for children of all ages or, in a more playful way, for all others. institutions: associations, nursing homes, etc.

In addition, the Micro-Folies space in Cercy-la-Tour offers a FabLab, with the possibility of testing a 3D printer, a special printer for transferring photos onto T-shirts, and a library/toy library offering board games, especially for children, based on the digital museum and drawing.

Artists of plastic art, classical and contemporary music, in particular Anne Penciolleli, Josepha de Vautibault, Alice Julien-Laferrière and Pierre Luzy, are already associated with this system offering workshops and conferences for all ages.

Serge Caillot, president of the CCBLM, concluded this presentation by welcoming the financial partners who helped to acquire this tool (€50,000 invested), as well as the volunteers who, since the opening of this space, have ensured the permanence of this cultural and playful place.

Practice. Opening hours: Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, from 2:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m., town hall (wedding room). . Contact: microfolie@bazoisloiremorvan.fr

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Cercy-la-Tour – Treasures of Humanity within everyone’s reach

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