CBRE offers itself an inaccessible office in the metaverse

CBRE hits hard because now its employees can meet in an office in the metaverse, wherever they are. Better still, the innovations found within this company specializing in real estate rent, among other things, are amazing. Here is the essential to remember about these famous innovations brought by CBRE.

A tour in this virtual office

CBRE didn’t go into law, it just created a virtual version of its physical offices. Also, if you want to take a look, you will see the staff who take care of the reception and the classic design of each CBRE office with the same layouts and the same colors. It will, however, be necessary to go there with a VR helmet and in the long term, all the teams of this large firm could meet without ever leaving their city.

This virtual office was created so that employees can talk to each other, collaborate on projects together and enjoy virtual drinks during meetings. CBRE’s virtual office was also created with an ecological approach. Indeed, as all employees around the world could find themselves there, they will therefore avoid flying and thus reduce carbon emissions.

Digital at the service of the physical

With virtual reality, CBRE also wants to put the digital at the service of the physical. Concretely, this consists of creating 3D models of land and properties that they could show to their clients. It will be a very convenient way to visit properties in distant neighborhoods or distant cities, without leaving the current location and it’s not a day like on wincity.


As you will have understood, CBRE wishes to create digital twins of all the properties it offers. All you have to do is put on a VR headset and choose the properties you want to visit and the visit can begin. The most important thing to remember here is that this project was considered long before the existence of the metaverses. Sandeep Davé just wants to refine the details of this project.

Virtual lands: is this the future?

With the ravages of the pandemic, all sectors have been forced to reinvent the way they operate. Also, with the advent of metaverse, real estate agencies have been able to adapt to our current world. These real estate agencies compete in ideas to continue doing what they have always done and to do this, they have created virtual land.


Also, even though this concept is brand new, CBRE wants to be a true pioneer in selling real estate through the metaverse. If things go well, CBRE Group could become a reference in the field. Moreover, it is a possibility given all the work done in the field. In short, virtual land could very well be the future of real estate.

The real estate visit is in the process of undergoing a new evolution thanks to the metaverse and companies like CBRE are the pioneers. One thing is certain, the world is more and more open to web3.


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CBRE offers itself an inaccessible office in the metaverse

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