B2B Metavers: companies, don’t wait any longer!

The Metaverse, and more particularly the B2B Metaversrepresents the evolution of the Internet and social networks towards a new generation of tools allowing to build a bridge between the physical and digital worlds. Thanks to virtual reality and artificial intelligence, it has become possible to create new innovative, highly interactive and immersive customer experiences. A transformation made necessary by the arrival of Generation Z in the world of work: born with the internet, this generation has always integrated it into their lives, both to develop their knowledge and to sharpen their decisions.

The B2B Metaverse, a key element for business development

This evolution towards a B2B Metaverse obviously opens the way to new business development tools and new sales channels. But it goes far beyond: optimizing customer experiences and data collectionit allowsimprove products and services and to provide a better personalization. In addition, the B2B Metaverse brings a more important “durability” factor physical exhibitions, trips and all other means used until now by companies to develop their business; an aspect to which Generation Z, anxious to make our world greener, is very sensitive. The B2B Metaverse is therefore a major element for companies to develop and even survive in the future.

But what are the challenges to get started in the B2B Metaverse? And where to start: participating in an existing Metaverse? Create your own B2B Metaverse? The two ?

The worst decision: do nothing!

Several hundred international groups (HSBC, Carrefour, Adidas, Samsung, etc.) have already invested in Metavers by buying land in Sandbox or Decentraland games. Of course, these are B2C-oriented approaches, but it clearly demonstrates the growing appeal of the metaverse and how companies can benefit from it.

In the case of B2B companies, which essentially seek to interact with professionals and companies corresponding to their profile and their activity, it will rather be a question of buying stands and spaces for present solutions and services, identify and collaborate with partners, organize events, training… within a Metaverse dedicated to professionals.

There are already a large number of them: Microsoftfor example, presents its B2B Metaverse as an extension of Teams ; Engage XR, a specialist in virtual reality, opens its business campus to meetings and events and offers businesses the opportunity to build their own MetaWorld; or even the Metaverse of Mext, an all-in-one platform powered by artificial intelligence that allows companies to choose the most appropriate solution, from the simple stand to the creation of their own B2B Metaverse. And many other solutions are available on the market.

Getting started gently

It is therefore easy to get a first experience to discover how the Metavers B2B works. A first step could be, for a few euros per month, to rent a customizable stand in a B2B metaverse and organize events and meetings there. A good way to familiarize yourself with this universe: the conditions and resources required to present products or services there, the impact on your organization, the level of customization required and how to use it to collaborate with other companies… So many pieces of information that will make it possible to build a relevant strategy and establish its roadmap.

The first steps of the B2B Metavers herald a groundswell that will soon overwhelm the market, just as the internet did in the early 2000s. With it appear new ways of interacting, finding partners and enjoy new experiences and engaging customer journeys. Its progression is extremely rapid; companies must therefore take part in it as soon as possible, in order to learn about it and understand it. An inevitable decision not to be left behind and to maintain its competitiveness on the market: do not miss the boat!

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B2B Metavers: companies, don’t wait any longer!

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