Avatly: digital fashion e-commerce center in the metaverse

12 Dec, 2022

Avatly, the largest e-commerce center in the metaverse opens its doors to promote digital fashion. This new digital transformation makes it possible to enrich the experience of virtual reality and shopping through the purchase of virtual objects and digital clothing.

Avatly would be the first e-commerce center in the world

Covering an area of ​​300,000 square meters, Avaly would be one of the largest e-commerce centers in the world dedicated exclusively to digital mode. This platform was designed to allow users to live a virtual shopping experience like in a physical store.

For this purpose, your virtual twin can visit stores and buy digital or real clothes through the metaverse. The e-commerce center should, among other things, have virtual spaces dedicated to entertainment. If you don’t like shopping, you can enjoy a unique customer experience by attending fashion shows and receptions in virtual reality.

The digital mode online site covers an area of ​​300,000 m²

Mall of the Emirates, South China Mall and West Edmonton Mall are some of the best known malls in the world. Soon, Avatly could also be part of its big shopping centers and could even become the first temple of shopping. In fact, the goal of the digitalization of traditional commerce is to improve the customer experience in the metaverse.

This is made possible thanks to the use of technological tools such as virtual reality headsets, smartphones, tablets, etc. Spread over an area of ​​300,000 m², spread over three floors, this new type of virtual shopping center is mainly dedicated to fashion. With Avatly, your avatars can find everything they need to dress up in the metaverse virtual world.

Avatly Virtual Tour in the Metaverse
Avatly would be the largest virtual mall in the world present in the metaverse. Photography Courtesy of Avatly©

Metavers: the digital platform takes the shape of a giant diamond

Temple of shopping or bling-bling, Avatly, the e-commerce center of the future was designed to be shaped like a giant diamond. This is because it symbolizes independence, wealth and exclusivity, according to its promoters. Everything is located in the middle of an island in the tropics. A place that was not chosen at random, since it is the most beautiful place in the metaverse. Note that Avatly was built using the Unreal Engine 5 creation tool and uses the Binance Smart Chain blockchain to work. This center of ecommerce where you can find several points of sale promises a host of activities and applications.

Virtual reality app provides better 3D experience

Avatly offers the best real-time 3D user experience and offers the best augmented reality avatar solutions. It should be noted that this digital technology adds a whole new dimension to the shopping experience. Avatly indeed includes 3D metaverse stores with e-commerce where you can find big brands, fashion brands, but also the best designers. Exactly like in the real world, you just have to push the door of a store to buy digital products. Note that the e-shopping center dedicated to digital fashion allows you to buy clothes, whether virtual or real.

Shopping in a hybrid version to create an intense immersive experience

Specifically, Avatly lets users create their own avatars through a simple app that the company has described as ultra-realistic. Through the metaversee-retailers can offer a wide range of clothing and accessories collections in virtual reality and increased. As in physical stores, their customers have the opportunity to virtually try on the clothes before buying.

Avatly allows users to do this in different places in the virtual center. You can even try out the digital suits on 3D catwalks to create more immersive experiences. In addition, the mobile application allows you to choose clothes in two versions: real or virtual.

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Avatly: digital fashion e-commerce center in the metaverse

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