Audio equipment, video games and virtual reality always on top

No one can deny the enthusiasm for three sectors: audio equipment, video games and virtual reality. They offer unprecedented perspectives and will continue to amaze us.

The audio equipment market was at 12.13 billion USD

It should also experience growth and should be around 17.01 billion USD by 2026, however the pandemic which has also affected this market, in particular due to the closure of college universities and educational establishments, museums, galleries, music events and other gatherings. Microphones are expected to take this market to the top with the fastest growth in the industry expected especially due to the home boom. Similarly, audio accessories such as microphones and miniature accessories are also in increasing demand. Asia-Pacific represents the largest market share in this field for companies in the field and it should conquer “a significant share of the audio equipment market due to increasing technological innovation”, according to a Mordor intelligence study. It continues to be highly fragmented and consumer demands are driving a race for innovation in this area. Competition has intensified with the launch of many new products in recent years. Note that players invest “in expanding their technology as it covers a higher demand”.

The video game market in France: a dynamic market

the video game market in France continues to be dynamic and has even just reached 5.3 billion euros in turnover. This dazzling progression therefore does not stop since it was 2.7 billion euros in 2013 (first year of analysis for L’Essentiel du jeu vidéo, 2014 edition). This progression has its origins in the democratization of the practice, the appearance of new consoles, new generation consoles, the development of the mobile market, the dematerialization games, cloud gaming and the sale of physical video games. The number of players has therefore increased and there will be approximately 36.5 million regular players in 2020 compared to 28.6 million in 2013. Worldwide, this market represented 160 billion dollars in revenue generated in the same year! The console market remains dominant and weighs 2.7 billion euros with a significant increase of 10% in 2020 with a quarter of revenues linked to the sale of consoles. Video games weighed 1.7 billion euros (+ 9.5%) and we see that it is dematerialized games that win the prize (subscription, micro-transactions, etc.) with 1.091 billion euros (+ 19.1%) of turnover. The mobile market increased by 16% compared to 2019 and generated 1.4 billion euros in turnover in 2020.

Virtual reality (VR): a market that should grow

The COVID-19 crisis has affected many VR technology companies as many VR game centers have been closed during the pandemic. Note that if companies have been impacted, there is still a rapid growth of AR and VR players around the world, which should reach 216 million users by 2025. According to figures published by Entertainment Software Association as of March 2020, 29% of gamers in the US have a VR system in place. A consumer survey conducted by Myplanet with 500 US respondents in November 2020 shows us that 26% of respondents said they had “active comfort in the use of VR headsets for situational uses” and 32%, a relative level of comfort. North America remains the major market share in VR and a pioneer in the field even though the global market is experiencing a surge in business competitiveness. More recently in 2022, we note that virtual reality has continued to make inroads thanks to headsets and games in homes and above all that between 2020 and 2021, the headset market virtual reality increased by 348% with nearly 9 million helmets sold. According to the latest estimates from Omdia, the domestic virtual reality (VR) market is expected to reach $6.9 billion in 2022, and reach $20 billion in 2027. 12.5 million headsets will be sold in 2022, and 1, 6 billion will be spent on content, mainly games. The Meta Quest helmet dominates the market, with 76% of sales this year.

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Audio equipment, video games and virtual reality always on top

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