Apple’s VR/AR headset has never been closer, this new clue proves it

News hardware Apple’s VR/AR headset has never been closer, this new clue proves it

RealityOS, the operating system on which Apple is working for its supposed virtual reality headset, has just appeared in a trademark registration made by the Cupertino company. Its formalization would be imminent and with it, a virtual reality helmet could well point the tip of its nose.

It’s an open secret, Apple has been working on a VR/AR headset for a few years now. Until then, the American company seemed eager to take its time, and the rumors did not really mention an official date. However, the beginning of the year 2022 has brought many rumors to the ears of the international press : Apple is about to formalize its virtual reality headset. A new rumor suggests that this is indeed imminent.

realityOS, more than a code name, a brand

Journalist at The Verge, Parker Ortolani noted last Sunday that the trademark “realityOS” had been filed recently. Small subtlety: the date of filing abroad is set for June 8th. Second subtlety: the mark was registered by a mysterious company which is unknown to the battalion. Finally, third subtlety: the brand concerns a device related to the world of computing, video games and hardware in general.

Considering the fact thatApple is used to filing trademarks related to its products very late, and that the next keynote from the Cupertino company is set for June 6, it’s hard not to see a sign in this find. It should be noted, however, that the trademark registration is not new: it was carried out in December 2021, in all discretion. Necessarily, the date of WWDC 2022 fast approachingit motivates curious little ones to look for clues about upcoming announcements.

An Apple VR headset at WWDC 2022?

This information points to the software part of the, always assumed, virtual reality and augmented reality headset from Apple. Other clues suggest that a formalization is approaching : earlier this month, a rumor indicated that members of Apple’s board of directors had the opportunity to test the famous VR / AR headset. According to Bloomberg, it would be common for the company to make its investors benefit from its products exclusively.

The presence of traces of realityOS, or rOS, within the source code of the beta version of iOS 13is also a fairly readable track of Apple’s progress in the development of its ecosystem combining virtual reality and augmented reality.

Patience remains

However, at this stage, it is above all the software part of Apple’s VR/AR headset that seems to be attracting attention. The trademark registration concerns realityOS and not the headset itselfand we must not forget that the WWDC is an event primarily intended for developers. The probability that Apple decides to first present its software environment related to the helmet, rather than the helmet itself, remains high: this would allow developers to start working on the subject, before the helmet is concretely presented, and has a large batch of applications available from launch.

One week before the start of WWDC, we can say that the tension is mounting and that expectations are there. We can only hope that they are satisfied.

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Apple’s VR/AR headset has never been closer, this new clue proves it

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