Apple is preparing an “Apple Glass” version of FaceTime and other apps

It has been expected for several years that Apple will unveil a virtual reality headset, mixed or augmented reality headset. And though he never has been discussed over the Apple WWDC 2022 keynote, the future product of the firm was in the thoughts of all observers. Recently, a registration of the realityOS trademark has been spotted.

Everything indicates that this is one of the names chosen by the firm for the operating system dedicated to its VR/AR headsets. The trademark registration was not directly done by Apple, but by a mysterious shell company called Realityo Systems LLC (registered in the State of Delaware with a trademark registration for the time being restricted to Liechtenstein). We have already seen the firm resort to this kind of stratagem to maintain secrecy around a future release.

The VR version of FaceTime will take advantage of the new capabilities offered by the Apple headset

But Bloomberg (and the very knowledgeable journalist Mark Gurman) affirm that the product was indeed presented to the executives of the firm, which shows the progress of the project. But the journalist adds in an article more information on a project in which Apple apparently puts a lot of resources.

In particular, you can read “The Apple headset project is not just a device and an operating system. It’s a whole set of new Apple AR/VR apps and experiences, a slew of new input paradigms and controls in the company’s products, and a completely new platform for third-party developers.”

According to Mark Gurman, FaceTime, Maps and other native applications from the firm are in the process of being entitled to the development of a special version for the headset. According to him, the VR version of FaceTime will be able to scan a person’s face to replicate their movements in a Memoji. Special versions of Note and Calendar that take advantage of new product capabilities are also in the pipeline.

As well as a host of APIs for third-party developers, and updates to other app versions in the ecosystem to ensure everything communicates seamlessly when exiting the headset. Which also explains why the project is taking so long. Apple will not launch its virtual / augmented reality headset if everything is not ready to really score points against competition, in particular from Meta which seems to a large extent still searching for the ideal formula.

Mark Gurman adds: “In recent months, work on the operating system and its frameworks for developers has accelerated considerably. I will pay close attention to future updates to Metal, Reality composer and other video codecs. The fact that recent updates to Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro have added support for VR video and Spatial Audio, respectively, doesn’t seem like a coincidence either.”

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It remains to be seen now when Apple will be ready to tell us more. With so many elements, the project already seems very advanced. In the absence of an announcement on the sidelines of WWDC 2022, Apple could talk about it at least during the month of September or October 2022 – the usual iPhone release window.

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Apple is preparing an “Apple Glass” version of FaceTime and other apps

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