Apple: bad news for the future VR and AR headset

News JVTech Apple: bad news for the future VR and AR headset

Apple’s virtual reality and augmented reality headset is reportedly falling behind. The reason for this would not be related to the hardware part of the device, but to its software design.

According to new noises from corridors that evoke the AR/VR headset currently under development at Applethis highly anticipated new product, would be falling behind. This is the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who reports this information on his Twitter account: Apple is currently experiencing development difficulties which would have already had an impact on the aircraft’s production schedule.

It’s been many months, not to say years, that Apple’s mixed reality headset has been widely talked about. Last week we were talking about the fact that the American company had greatly accelerated its recruitments to effectively develop this device, relying on recognized talents in the field. But that obviously does not prevent him from rubbing shoulders with certain development problems.

Apple: the mixed reality headset is falling behind

According to tweets from Ming-Chi Kuo, who posted this weekend, Apple could push back “Massive Expedition” of his helmet in the second half of 2023. We are talking here about units for sale around the world. It is still possible that shipments will take place earlier in the year, which leaves the door open to earlier marketing, with a small stock of units made available to buyers.

According to Mark Gurman, journalist at Bloomberg, Apple would currently encounter some problems related to the software part of its helmet. The interface, previously known as realityOS, would have been renamed xrOS. XR would mean here “extended reality”, or “extended reality” in French. It is one of the other names of mixed reality or augmented reality. However, we do not know anything more to date about what Apple is cooking on the side of the interface of its helmet, but it would seem that some changes decided internally are the cause of the delay in the arrival of the device on the market.

A formalization of the Apple helmet potentially postponed

Ming-Chi Kuo believes that Apple could postpone the presentation of its headphones, previously planned for January 2023 (again, this is a rumor). “If the delay between presentation to the media and the release of the product is too long, it tends to hurt promotion and sales”summarizes the analyst.

Apple could therefore wait until June 2023, during which its WWDC should take place, to concretely present its helmet to both the press and developers.. This would be consistent with an arrival on the market during the second half of the year: a coherent schedule, but which would still make the company fall a little further behind. However, Apple is not used to rushing its products and we imagine that the Cupertino company hopes to strike a blow with this device, which already looks very expensive: its price could be between 2000 and 3000 dollars.

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Apple: bad news for the future VR and AR headset

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