Air Glass 2: Oppo unveils its “ordinary glasses” with extraordinary powers

As part of its “Inno Day 2022” event, Oppo is presenting three smart products, including its “Air Glass 2” connected glasses with features that caught our attention.

Connected glasses are still far from popular, but manufacturers see this accessory as a new way of interacting with our environment. Today, Oppo presents its “Air Glass 2” smart glasses.

Connected glasses take center stage

You may remember the Google Glass launched in 2013. Google’s connected glasses presented themselves as the future high-tech object that everyone would end up wearing on their noses. But the $1,500 entry ticket prevented its adoption by the general public. So that the latest versions of Google Glass is mainly aimed at professionals. Ten years later, the connected glasses segment is more active than ever.

In 2021, for example, we tested Stories glasses from Ray-Ban and Facebook. Following its ambitions to democratize virtual reality, the Meta group also developed its own glasses, before abandoning them. for reasons of development costs. Far from being mere gadgets, smart “binoculars” find very concrete uses, such as a head-up display for cyclists.

Last year, Oppo unveiled during its “Inno Day 2021” event the first version of its augmented reality glasses, them Air Glass. A model that we were able to test a few months later at MWC 2022.

The concept was then based on the addition of a module equipped with a microprojector on conventional glasses. The information displayed thus depended on a Bluetooth connection to a smartphone. For its second model, Oppo seems to have completely revised the design of its glasses.

The Air Glass 2, a concentration of technologies?

As you can see in the photo that illustrates this article, the Air Glass 2 from Oppo look like classic glasses, with slightly thicker temples. With only 38 g on the scale, the Chinese brand ensures that the design is “ultra-light” to be forgotten when you wear them. With its “New Assisted Reality Glasses”Oppo wants to return its Air Glass 2 “indistinguishable from ordinary glasses”.

To achieve this, the lightness of the product is obviously a strong argument (do you have it?), but also the possibility of using corrective lenses for your eyesight. For the connected side, Oppo promises to be able to make phone calls, perform real-time translations, offer location-based navigation and convert voice to text for people with hearing impairments.

Technically, the Chinese brand does not provide any information other than the presence of “the world’s first SRG-diffractive waveguide lens”. We are well advanced. On the illustration image, we can see the presence of a loudspeaker on each branch, as well as two microphones. At the end of the right branch (on the white model), we notice a magnetic connector that could be used to recharge the glasses.

While some people wear glasses as a simple fashion accessory, these new, increasingly discreet connected objects could contribute to the democratization of technology. Soon all with connected glasses on their noses?

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Air Glass 2: Oppo unveils its “ordinary glasses” with extraordinary powers

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