Agora: a metaverse mall where you can buy real-world goods

Agoraverse is a project based on Blockchain Solana. This immersive virtual mall stands out for its low transaction fees, high processing speed, and the security of Solana’s scalable Blockchain.

Thanks to the Agoraverse platform, users will discover a new way to buy tangible and digital items in the comfort of their home. The Agora project is built by a transparent and ambitious team with in-depth knowledge of blockchain and the metaverse. To achieve their goals, they develop their metaverse thanks to the Unity game engine for an unparalleled gamified experience.

The platform will include clothing stores, furniture stores, art shops and NFTs. Besides shopping, there will be mini-games and entertainment venues like restaurants and bars. This will make user interactions in the metaverse more enjoyable.

Agora maximizes the capabilities offered by the blockchain Solana. The network’s high throughput and global access merge with NFTs for an enhanced user experience.

Metastores will be owned by individuals or brands who want to sell digital items or physical goods. In addition, the necessary tools will be provided to owners to design their shop as they see fit.

In total, the metaverse developer aims to launch more than 5,000 metastores, rivaling the largest mall in the world, Iran Mall. However, the team is aware of the challenges of filling its spaces with exciting experiences. They plan to to gradually increase the number of their stores over the next few years.

The AGORA token, at the heart of the Agoraverse metaverse

At the heart of this ambitious metaverse project is the AGORA utility token. The latter will be distributed via an ICO, taking place in the form of two round tables on June 3, 2022. The token will be available for access card holders and wallets whitelisted in the first round. In addition, the second round will be public and accessible to all interested investors.

Agora can serve as medium of exchange. Thus, users will acquire digital items and real-world products. In addition, they have the possibility of using it as liquidity to official pools in various DEXs.

Additionally, Agoraverse is already developing several features that allow users to use AGORA, including a leveling system NFT. With this, NFT access card holders will be able to upgrade their possession, in exchange for AGORA. Finally there will be a raffle system where users will be able to purchase raffle tickets to enter a lottery and win rewards using AGORA. The team plans to release an exclusive NFT collection that will use AGORA as one of the payment methods.

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Agora: a metaverse mall where you can buy real-world goods

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