A new temple of shopping entirely designed for… your avatars

(ETX Daily Up) – The first shopping center, dedicated mainly to fashion and with an area of ​​300,000 square meters, opens in the metaverse. A first that will allow your virtual twin to indulge in more real-than-life shopping sessions to fill his dressing room with digital clothes, and offer you, if he has a little money left, one or two real clothes.

There is the Mall of the Emirates, the South China Mall, and the West Edmonton Mall, but Avatly could also soon make history. Not as one of the largest shopping centers in the world, but as the first temple of shopping, and e-shopping, in the metaverse. With its 300,000 square meters, spread over three floors, this new kind of shopping center, mainly dedicated to fashion, was designed to allow your virtual twins to find everything they need to dress with the click of a mouse.

A diamond in the tropics

Temple of shopping – or bling-bling – this shopping center takes the shape of a giant diamond, symbol according to its instigators “of independence, wealth and exclusivity”. All set in the middle of an island in the tropics. A place that was not chosen at random, and which would be none other than “the most beautiful place in the metaverse”. Just that. We’ll let our virtual doubles be the judge. Built from the Unreal Engine 5 creation tool, and based on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain, this shopping center of the future already promises – while it is only in its infancy – a crowd activities and applications.

“Avatly will provide the best real-time 3D experience and avatar solutions, taking the shopping experience to a whole new dimension. Avatly will also integrate Metaverse 3D stores with e-commerce, dedicated to fashion brands and designers first-rate”, we learn on the site dedicated to this new temple of fashion. Concretely, it will be enough to push the door of a shop, whatever it is, to visualize the contents, and buy the products directly on its e-shop, whether they are virtual clothes or real clothes.

Shopping in a hybrid version

More concretely, thanks to a simple application, users will be able to first create their avatar(s), which the company describes as “ultra-realistic”, then will be able to access a wide range of clothing collections and of accessories. Not content with discovering the clothes, they will also be able to try them on virtually before buying them – or not – in the various spaces of Avatly and even on 3D catwalks. Last step and not the least, it will be a question of obtaining the clothes in two versions of your choice, in 3D for a virtual application or in physical via traditional e-commerce platforms.

The shopping center should also house entertainment areas, including fashion shows and receptions in virtual reality, entirely dedicated to those who do not like shopping – or tirelessly await avatars capable of spending hours locked in a fitting room. It now remains to be seen whether fashion brands – like users – are indeed ready to take the plunge.

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A new temple of shopping entirely designed for… your avatars

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