Mobile internet adoption by women has stalled in many countries

Mobile internet adoption by women has stalled in many countries

After years of progress towards equal digital inclusion for women, we are now seeing a slowdown and, in some cases, a reversal. More than 3.2 billion people in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) now have access to Internet on a mobile phone. Mobile is the main means for men and women to access the Internet … Read more

Breast cancer: a new “major” treatment could be prescribed to half of women affected

This is a significant advance in breast cancer research which was presented on Sunday, June 5, at the Cancer Congress in Chicago (United States) and published in the process in the reference medical journal New England Journal of Medicine. A international study (in English) has shown that a treatment that worked until now in a … Read more

Roland-Garros, from Nadal’s 14th coronation to the victory of the French women: the debrief

There it is, it’s finished. The most anticipated event of the year for all tennis fans in France ended this Sunday, June 5, as so often with the coronation of Rafael Nadal. Without much surprise since his victory over Novak Djokovic in the quarters, the Majorcan won this 121st edition of the French Open. Before … Read more

Tech companies urged to better protect women online

A study by Ofcom, the British telecommunications regulator, reveals that women feel less safe online than men. Tech companies aren’t doing enough to keep women safe on the internet. That’s what it says Ofcom, the telecommunications regulatory authority in the United Kingdom. Having conducted a study on online life in the country, she indicates that … Read more

Are the “crypto bros” going to make metaverse hell for women?

The scene is violent. It happens at the end of December in Horizon Worlds, a test version of the metaverse created by the Meta group (ex-Facebook). An English tester says that just a minute after being activated, her avatar was attacked by four other avatars who tried to touch her, insulted her and asked her … Read more