Bbox Must fibre: a greener box with Wi-Fi 6

Bbox Must fibre a greener box with Wi Fi 6

Bouygues Telecom is upgrading its Internet offer with a new Bbox Must fiber, a more ecological model, which benefits from a more modern design and especially Wi-Fi 6. But reserved for the moment for new subscribers. If Internet Service Providers (ISP) are no longer making a real revolution, they are nonetheless continuing to develop their … Read more

Wi-Fi repeater: an effective solution to improve your Internet connection

Sometimes, it only takes a few things to improve your Wi-Fi Internet connection. In fact, sometimes you just need to equip yourself with a Wi-Fi repeater. This is a small box that allows you to extend the coverage of the Wi-Fi network of his Internet box. Sometimes it is included at no extra cost in … Read more

Xiaomi Mi Wi-Fi Extender Pro at 10 €: a cheap solution to extend your coverage

Xiaomi Mi Wi Fi Extender Pro at 10 E a cheap

Xiaomi is known to be aggressive in terms of pricing on its products. Although already affordable, the Xiaomi Mi Wi-Fi Extender Pro repeater is on sale at Electro Depot and goes from 19.99 euros to only 9.99 euros, an immediate 50% discount. In a few years, Xiaomi is part of the Tech landscape worldwide. To … Read more

How to plan the disconnection of the WiFi of your Internet box?

BAC 2022 Will the internet connection still be cut in

Do you want your Internet box to automatically deactivate its WiFi signal for a specific period? It’s easy, just follow the guide! There are many reasons for wanting to automatically deactivate the WiFi of your Internet box. They can be ecological and economical in nature in order to consume lessenergy, or practical (to prevent children … Read more