Safer Internet Day – How to effectively secure your WiFi network? » The economic and political letter of PACA

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WiFi has become the default way to access the Internet, and once WiFi is working properly, we tend to forget about security and keep our default settings. On the occasion of Safer Internet Day, what if you took new measures to ensure that your internet connection is properly secured? WiFi encryption, on-board security, guest network … Read more

This Xiaomi repeater boosts your Wi-Fi coverage for less than €10 during sales

This Xiaomi repeater boosts your Wi Fi coverage for less than

If you are having some connection problems, and want to extend your Wi-Fi signal in your home, the Xiaomi repeater is the ideal solution. It is also back at 9.99 euros instead of 19.99 euros. If your Wi-Fi network does not cover your entire home, to solve this problem, there are inexpensive Wi-Fi routers sufficient … Read more

Wifi 6 is spreading in retail and workspaces

1673684935 507 Wifi 6 is spreading in retail and workspaces

Deployments of the new generation of wireless connection are taking place discreetly but gradually in French companies. On city center billboards, operators highlight their new Internet box by Wireless 6 to seduce the general public. According to a study by research firm IDC, 79% of WiFi device shipments over the next two years will be … Read more

Internet by light faster than WiFi? : Oledcomm’s LiFiMAX reaches 2Gbps!

Internet by light faster than WiFi Oledcomms LiFiMAX reaches

3 years ago, I presented to you the Li-Fidemo in support (below), with the creator of the French company Oledcomm specializing in connection via light. The interest of this technology is multiple, but above all, it provides a good level of confidentiality. Because unlike WiFi, whose waves pass through walls, LiFi remains in the room … Read more

Internet: how many wifi repeaters to cover an entire home?

Your package has been delivered this scam siphons off all

Despite subscribing to an Internet box, which therefore has wifi access, it happens that certain rooms in your home do not receive enough – or even at all – the signal. Also called “white zones”, these places may require the installation of a wifi repeater. The question being: how many wifi repeaters are needed for … Read more

Respiratory diseases: what if wifi could soon detect them?

Respiratory diseases what if wifi could soon detect them

THE ESSENTIAL 7% of the population has neither a smartphone nor an internet connection at home in France, according to an INSEE report published on January 24, 2022. Only a third of people without a phone have internet access at home and more than half have never used the internet in their lifetime. … Read more

Bbox Must fibre: a greener box with Wi-Fi 6

Bbox Must fibre a greener box with Wi Fi 6

Bouygues Telecom is upgrading its Internet offer with a new Bbox Must fiber, a more ecological model, which benefits from a more modern design and especially Wi-Fi 6. But reserved for the moment for new subscribers. If Internet Service Providers (ISP) are no longer making a real revolution, they are nonetheless continuing to develop their … Read more