What will the weather be like in the metaverse?

What will the weather be like in the metaverse

the metaverse, a network of virtual worlds where people can interact online, has exploded online as a topic of discussion and conjecture. More and more people are connecting to the metaverse, and many more will soon join. However, before planning your metaverse membership, you might want to know what the weather will be like there. … Read more

At VivaTech 2022, Dr. LIANG, Chairman of the Board of Huawei, promotes open innovation to strengthen our collective ability to weather crises

At VivaTech 2022 Dr LIANG Chairman of the Board of

PARIS, June 27, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–LIANG Hua, Chairman of the Board of Huawei, spoke on Thursday, June 16 at VivaTech 2022. He reiterated that open innovation is essential for the success of the digital economy and deplored the current lack of technical skills that would make it possible to fully exploit the opportunities offered by digital … Read more

The weather channels have not tampered with their temperature maps

Does Obi Wan Kenobis Strength Come From StageCraft

This week will be hotand no one can ignore high temperatures all over the country. But here again, some skeptics find fault. The heat would not be particularly more important than before, according to them, it would only be a modification of the colors of the maps of weather report​. A few years ago, temperatures … Read more